Globalization Venn Diagrams

Soon you begin to prepare your debates. Here are the two Venn diagrams you constructed from viewing the videos. I have attached them in case you want to use your thoughts to help you prepare.

Getting ready for the ERBWrap

Hey Dear Students, I wish I were there to explain this in person, but if I’m not yet back, let’s gear up. You have shown me, again and again, all year, that you are the most focused, hard-working, and inspired writers of all time. Now it’s your chance to prove it to the world. I […]

Preparing for your Socratic Seminar

Hello Dear Students, As you prepare for your seminar, please consider the ideas and considerations I discuss in this short video. I look forward to hearing the seminars. They will be most interesting, I’m sure. Please remember to try to use the different types of conversation skills we’ve learned in class. The more you practice […]

What might a Feed test response look like?

Hi Everyone, Here’s a sample of how to structure a response on the Feed test. We have decided you will only be asked to write two responses. Each should follow a format similar to this. It has been color-coded to help you understand the function of each section.

What would you do…

Welcome back! First we’ll watch these thoughts regarding “the pale blue dot“. What if you were suddenly given five hundred million US dollars (approximately thirty one billion rupees). That’s too much to spend on electronics, nice clothes, or super cool vacations. What would you do with the money to best help all of the beings […]

Welcome to our Socratic Seminar

Please go to this link for your backchannel period 5 Here for period 6

Character Traits of People Who Write POP Papers

Dear Heroes, Wowwie, wow, WOW! You are WAY smarter than I am! I’m just finishing up grading your research papers. I can’t believe you’re only in 8th grade. I can’t believe you’re not native English speakers! Your dedication to these papers is truly an inspiration. As the idiom goes… Hats off to you! Here are […]

Grammar Boot Camp

Get messy tromping through dense thickets of English phrases, clauses, and sentences. Master articles, comb through subject/verb agreement challenges, and spot a noncount noun from kilometers away… It’s…. Grammar Boot Camp!

Information about a book we will read in quarter 4

Dear 8th grade parent, Throughout the course of the 8th grade year in Humanities here at AES we have been exploring how power is garnered and exercised in human societies. The first three quarters focused primarily on the past and present, but the fourth quarter extends into the future.¬† The Humanities classes plan on reading […]

Reviewing commas

We’ve discussed these in the past, but oh so many rules! Please look these over before we start writing.

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