About Me

Teaching has been my career and passion for thirty years.

I hold a Bachelor’s from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, a Master’s from California State University Chico, and an Administrative Degree from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

I’ve taught ages kindergarten through adult, and subjects as diverse as environmental field science, Spanish/English bilingual elementary school, and English as an Additional language to elementary, middle and high schoolers, and adults. I also spent over a decade training classroom teachers across the US and Canada on how to work with EAL students.

In my five years at AES I find myself continually amazed by the hard-working, talented, respectful students I am so very lucky to teach. I think I may well have the best job in the universe…Thank you for sharing your children with me so I can keep doing what I love to do.

EAL1-5 2-13-142-6 2013-14

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