Getting ready for the ERBWrap

Hey Dear Students,

I wish I were there to explain this in person, but if I’m not yet back, let’s gear up. You have shown me, again and again, all year, that you are the most focused, hard-working, and inspired writers of all time. Now it’s your chance to prove it to the world. I am very excited to see how you score on the ERBWrap because I know what you’re capable of. Everyone will be very surprised by your excellent results, of that I am sure.

3d people partner.

Here’s how I can help you get ready:

  1. Here’s a 2-slide presentation that includes the rubric.
  2. Here’s the link to a YouTube “lecture” I’ve prepared for you to help you understand how the test is scored. It shows two examples. Ms. Esther will show it in class, which will give you time to discuss it. Then of course you can watch it at home a few times if you need to. I am so sorry for the fan sound, but it kept coming on, so please excuse me and thank you for your patience.
  3. Here’s the link to a document that has even more samples. For each one, read the sample, think about how you would score it, and then check to see how the “professional readers” scored it.
  4. Right before you start the test, play this song. The whole time you watch it, just remember this – You came into my classroom at the beginning of the year, lacking in confidence, not sure you could do it, and feeling overwhelmed by this difficult language. Then, over and over I asked you to do something impossible, and over and over you did. You wrote beautiful narratives and powerful social commentary using creative and poetic literary elements. You wrote convincing arguments, gave articulate speeches, researched and wrote amazing POP papers and exploitation essays. You participated in Socratic Seminars where you shared powerful ideas, in English, using complex sentences and building on each others’ ideas. You shared your ideas through Pechakuchas and text protocols, and analyzed narrative and expository text. Now show what you can do.

You are ready.


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