Information about a book we will read in quarter 4

Dear 8th grade parent,

Throughout the course of the 8th grade year in Humanities here at AES we have been exploring how power is garnered and exercised in human societies. The first three quarters focused primarily on the past and present, but the fourth quarter extends into the future.  The Humanities classes plan on reading the book Feed by M.T. Anderson. The book is a 2002 National book award finalist for young people’s literature, and a winner of the 2003 Boston Globe-Horn book award for fiction.

The book is a timely and insightful look at the logical extension of the potential of digital technology to fundamentally alter the human brain and social relationships. As the book serves as a cautionary tale, the outcomes are not positive. In order to help illustrate this point the author’s characters at times use profanity. Far from gratuitous, the language serves to indicate that the characters no longer have the mental precision and insight to converse in an articulate manner.

We want to advise you of this aspect of the book, and you may rest assured that the discussion of the profanity will be addressed in the manner mentioned above. Should you have concerns about your child reading the book, we encourage you to read it. Of course we are able and willing to accommodate you should you prefer that your child read an alternate selection. Please do advise us should this be the case.

Best Regards,

The 8th grade Humanities team

American Embassy School

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