Grammar Boot Camp

Get messy tromping through dense thickets of English phrases, clauses, and sentences. Master articles, comb through subject/verb agreement challenges, and spot a noncount noun from kilometers away… It’s…. Grammar Boot Camp!

Information about a book we will read in quarter 4

Dear 8th grade parent, Throughout the course of the 8th grade year in Humanities here at AES we have been exploring how power is garnered and exercised in human societies. The first three quarters focused primarily on the past and present, but the fourth quarter extends into the future.¬† The Humanities classes plan on reading […]

Reviewing commas

We’ve discussed these in the past, but oh so many rules! Please look these over before we start writing.

Preparing for Parent Conferences

We’ve been working super duper hard. We all admit you are collectively brilliant and your work has improved sooooooo very much. Therefore, it’s time to brag about yourselves to your parents, because you deserve it! Make sure you have the following somehow on the Year 8 page and/or sorted by Humanities EAL tag so you […]

An article on gender issues helpful for the research of several of you

Hey Students, Your research is coming along nicely. Many of you may find this article in the New York Times helpful.

POP Paper Analysis

Here’s the link for the scavenger hunt we will be using to look over the POP papers from past awesome authors…

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