Welcome back and our new explorations

I hope you all enjoyed your rest and come back ready for a fabulous second semester.

We will spend much of our time coming to better understand our host country, India. We’ll explore many of the challenges and advantages the Indian people experience.

We begin with a look at exploitation.

Here’s a definition:

The self-motivated use of a resource for profit. This does result in depletion of the resource and/or damage or harm to an exploited individual. Yet it may concurrently result in some benefit to those who are exploited.

“Exploitation involves a distinctive type of cheating.¬†In most cases exploiters benefit their victims in a mutually advantageous way.¬†The latter therefore gain by being dealt with unfairly.” – Robert Mayer in¬†What’s wrong with exploitation?

We will look at examples in literature, film, and nonfiction sources.

Here are our essential questions for this unit:

How is exploitation complex?

How do different mediums deepen and inform our understanding of exploitation?

How does close reading deepen your understanding?

How can collaborative discussion enrich our understanding through alternative viewpoints?


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