POP Thesis Statements

Dear Students, The time has come. You are going to write your thesis statement for your POP essay. As you know, this is very important, as you will spend your whole paper arguing this position. Furthermore, it will drive all of your research, so craft it carefully. Here’s a link to some from previous years… […]

Salaam Bombay Exploitation Essay

Please post your essay as a comment to this post. We will look over them on Monday. Here are the components of your essay: Parts of an essay Attention-getter Intro Thesis statement Citing Evidence (three examples from movie) point proof comment Restate the thesis Conclusion

Exploitation essay composition planning

As we finish our character analysis, it prepares us for a discussion on exploitation in the movie, Salaam Bombay. The question we are to explore is: What role does exploitation play as a theme in the movie Salaam Bombay? Give examples of a character or characters who are exploited. What does Mira Nair want us, […]

Welcome back and our new explorations

I hope you all enjoyed your rest and come back ready for a fabulous second semester. We will spend much of our time coming to better understand our host country, India. We’ll explore many of the challenges and advantages the Indian people experience. We begin with a look at exploitation. Here’s a definition: The self-motivated […]

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