Peace Week

May we be peaceful, in our selves and in our communities. May we help ourselves and others to make choices that create peace and harmony throughout the world. Here’s the link to the Peace Blog questions. Here’s the google community Here’s a picture of our beautiful advisory community.

The link for your Socratic Seminar

Here it is Here’s the revised rubric.

Peace day cranes

Here’s the new link for how to make the cranes, and here’s a link to a picture as well as the picture included below.

Finding Main Idea

WOW! I get to choose my tent-mates

Hey Wonderful Advisees… First, I want you to know I miss your beautiful smiles and positive energy in my life this week. Second, please fill out this tent-mate questionnaire so we can begin to prepare for Wow… It’s getting so close. Can you feel the frothy, bubbly water as you blast through the rapids?

Blogrolls and the Homework Calendar

Here’s the link for us to get up and running on adding all of your teachers’ homework calendars to your blog.   Here’s the link for your teachers’ blog addresses.

Citing textual evidence assessment

Here’s the link to the assessment. Remember, here’s the link to the rubric. Look at my blog. Look at the samples. Remember to: check for spelling read it aloud two or three times, looking for errors. check all of the nouns for article errors. check for any of your other grammar errors. Do your best […]

Sample analytical paragraph of the day

Scar is able to maintain power over Gopal and the other boys in the factory by dehumanizing them.¬†This process of dehumanization starts as soon as Gopal arrives in the factory.¬†On page 114, Scar says, ‚ÄúI‚Äôm not your servant. You‚Äôre mine.‚Äù¬†Freedom is a basic human right; no person should be subject to servitude, yet Scar emphatically […]

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