Preparing for Bridge to America analytical paragraph

We’ll work on crafting a thesis statement and citing textual evidence using the Bridge to America we read yesterday and today in class. The question/prompt: What does Linda Glaser explore as primary issues and challenges around the experience of being an immigrant to a new land in her novel Bridge to America? Sample to help […]

Citing Textual Evidence

Here’s the rubric we’ll be using to evaluate our thesis and support paragraph.

What are the rules for using articles?

Let’s watch this video clip. Teach your partner what you just learned. Let’s look at this table. And what does noncount have to do with it?  

The Stolen Party and the Balance of Power

This weekend you need to determine your thesis (remember this is the position you will argue) about this question: What is the author of the Stolen Party trying to say about the balance of power in Argentinian society? After you have decided upon your thesis, add your evidence, with quotes, to your reader’s journal googledoc. […]

World Map

We’ll be looking at the question of how power shapes human interactions. Let’s begin by looking at this world map and discussing a brief history of colonialism in the Western Hemisphere…

The best apple pie EVER…

English Language Acquisition Workshop with Dr. Catherine Frazier

Dear Parents, We encourage you to attend one of the sessions offered by our talented and knowledgeable Dr. Frazier regarding language learning, the advantages of bilingualism, and the differences between “acquired” communicative English and “learned” academic English necessary for success at AES. Choose from one of the following: Aug 27th Tuesday 10-11:40 am August 28th […]

Structuring your presentation

Throughout the year we will explore a strong model for presenting your argument in a compelling manner. Here’s the recipe: Hook/introduction to catch your listener’s or reader’s attention Background information Present your thesis (Do not say “Now here is my thesis…”) Support your thesis Restate the thesis in different words and conclude The rubric we […]

English: two contrasting opinions… and what’s yours?

How important is English? How important are native languages? Should there be a world language? If so, which one? If not, why not? Click on this link for one opinion, and this for a contrasting analysis.

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