Time to tell me what you REALLY think…

Dear Wonderful Students, It has been my great pleasure to work with you. Now I need to ask a favor. In order to help me keep doing what works, and to help me improve what should be better, please fill in the linked survey. Merci Beaucoup

Amazing Debates! and now for… Socratic Seminars!

I was most impressed with your outstanding performances in the debates. You were articulate, organized, thoughtful, pulled in the elements of persuasive speech, and spoke on complex topics. You have come a long, long way this year. Now it’s the last Socratic Seminar. As I’ll remind you, we work on not only providing our own […]

Proud Moments

Dear Advisees, You have many more than you could ever put on a form, but here’s the link to Proud Moments.

Examining a classmate’s work

We will look at this essay together, using the rubric. Then look at your own work. What can we learn from this work? Read the final paragraph on page 290. How is Violet a symbol for the consumptive commercial lifestyle? (Consider both the way Titus treats her at the end, and the way ‚Äúthey‚Äù ‚Äì […]

Award Nominations for Moving Up

It’s time to honor our classmates. Please go to this link to take the survey.

Let the debates begin!

It’s time to begin to prepare. The topics and assigned roles are: Seung Won vs SoHyun and HyunJi: Globalization undermines human rights HongWon and HanKyeol vs Anna Sophie and Maya: Globalization reduces poverty in developing countries SeungHyun vs Noam: Globalization protects the environment Natty and HyeonWoo vs HyoJeong and SunJung: Globalization reduces poverty in developing […]

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