Book Talk

When you return from your wonderful, restful spring break, in which you have read a novel or more in English, have your book talk ready to present on Wednesday, April 3rd. Here’s the planning sheet:¬† Book Talk

POP Period 9 Quarter 4

Hello Dear Humanities Students, Please take a moment to answer this very brief survey regarding POP period 9. thank you

ERBWrap challenge

Okay writers: period 2-6 has decided to put forth a challenge for themselves and 1-5 wants to try for it too. Mechanics don’t count against us No ones for anyone Only four twos total One six, if someone gets all fives (excluding mechanics, which can be lower), that is the same as one six If […]

What are your thoughts?

As you all know, you did an outstanding job on the POP research paper. I was very proud of all of you for your dedication. I know lesser beings would have given up, but not you. I know it felt impossible at times, and yet all of you worked super hard and did your best. […]

Student Led Conferences

Consider the following questions as you get ready to consider how to showcase your work with your parent: 1. How have you grown and matured as a learner in this particular subject this year? 2. What do you still need to work on as a learner in this class/your goals. 3. What work are you […]

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