Broken Glass essay assignment

Hello Dear Students, I am looking forward to reading your essays. You continue to improve in your thinking and ¬†I am sure you will develop your thoughts carefully. Here’s the prompt: Choose a theme represented in Broken Glass. Write an essay exploring how the theme is represented and developed throughout the book. Remember all of […]

Analyzing Theme

Here’s a link with a discussion on how to determine a theme, and then how to analyze it. You will notice the plot is only discussed in relationship to this theme. The author does not start by telling us the key events in the novel and then discuss theme. We’ll discuss this tomorrow.

Current Conflict Processing Protocol

This document is where you will begin to consider the point of view and concerns of each side in the conflict you are studying.

Current Conflict Blog Post #1

Week 1 blog post: For this first week, you will be summarizing key ideas from the linked Wikipedia article that tells about your conflict. Tell the background of the conflict. Who are the two or more parties involved? What are the concerns of each party? What does each party say and do because they are […]

POP Reflection #2

Here’s the link to a googledoc for reflection #2. You would need to make a copy and rename it. Then write in it. Or, get a Word or PDF copy at the bottom of this page:¬†  

Salaam Bombay

As a comment to this post, write a short one or two paragraph essay in which you discuss one of the themes from the movie. What is the writer/director trying to say about life in India, where the population is so huge and so dense? How does it affect the lives of the citizens of […]

Current Conflicts Current Event

1. What causes conflict?  2. How do individuals experience conflict? 3. When is war just or unjust? These are big questions, and there are many answers but few solutions. Go to this link to learn about our current conflict event project for the quarter.

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