Peace Readings

The following are readings for Peace Week DEAR Ahimsa and the art of bravery Love versus violence The power of non-cooperation

Writing Advice: there are many ways to be great

What’s the best way to be a writer? Answer – whatever works for you !

Movie Project Assignments

Here are your assignments for the big project. They’re going to be great¬† movies! Assignments for movie project: Period 1,5: JiSung: Upton Sinclair and the muckrakers Jane Addams and Mother Teresa: Noam, Seung Hyun Andrew Carnegie and Bill Gates: Hyeon Woo,¬†Natty, and Hyo Jeong Period 2,6: Jane Addams and Mother Teresa: Anna Sophie and Han […]

Links for your letter

Here’s a link to a list of possible words to use to describe your emotions: Here’s the link to lots of great information about Ellis Island information.

Mixed Signals

Mixed signals: who are we – which parts of ourselves do we see? Which parts can’t we see?

Ellis Island Link

Student Tech Survey

Click on this link to complete it and thanks for your time and thoughts.

The Arrival

Here are the questions to consider as you “read” this wordless picture book: What is the point of view? Who are the main characters? (protagonist (s), antagonist (s) What are six to eight key developments in the plot? What is the setting(s)? Remember to include time and place. What is/are the conflict(s)? What are one […]

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