Homework Humanities Monday

Check your googlecalendar to make sure you can see the homework. Starting tomorrow I hope to be posting it only on the calendar and not on the blog. Here is the homework, below: Do at least two mad libs, from the parts_of_speech tag on Ms Brown’s Diigo. You may want to do more in order […]

Homework for Friday

Study the morphemes (prefixes, suffixes, roots). Test on 24th August Friday. Make sure you know the meaning of all of the following. There might be a quiz…. Interjection Verb Adjective Noun Article Conjunction Adverb Preposition Pronoun  

Support Homework

Read 20 minutes each night in your new book. Go on to Destiny, look through the genre lists, and find two books that look interesting. Bring the call numbers to class. Very Important: Please bring your independent reading book to support class every single time. Don’t leave it at home please.

Homework Thursday Humanities

Create two new English words using the prefixes, suffixes, and roots in our dictionary.


Words: the building blocks of language Morphemes (prefixes, suffixes, and roots: the building blocks of words)    

On Learning English

Your native language is a powerful and central part of who you are. However there’s another tool that will connect you to the larger world…

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