Photoessay assignments

JiSung: child labor Hyeon Woo: child labor Seung Hyun: women’s issues Noam: coal mines Natty: street children HyoJeong: textile mills Han Kyeol: child labor Hong Won: child labor in the coal mines Seung Won: child labor Maya: women’s issues HyunJi: child labor So Hyun: children’s lives in the tenements and/or child labor Anna Sophie: textile […]

Photo Essay Tutorial

Presentation Explaining the Photo Essay

The four parts of a good photoessay caption

As we discussed in class, here are the four parts of a good caption for your photoessay: 1. Take the reader inside the situation through description (precise verbs, adjectives, nouns, and adverbs). Use the five senses and similes and metaphors. 2. Facts from your research. 3. More description of exactly what is seen in the […]

Pie Making Links

In preparation for our creating the most wonderful of pies ever concocted, here are the links: General guideline Recipe Who’s bringing what: Anna: Measuring cups Sara: Spoons Katherine: Mixing bowls Sara- Rolling pin Sophia and Natty: knives Thanks to those who volunteered!

Link to Humanities Dropbox

We’re going to try to link you up to my Dropbox Folder

Movie instructions

Here are the steps and hyperlinks for the ipad movie assignment.

Picking flowers in the iPad field


CC: bluebike from Flickr

ipad rollout plan

Here’s the plan for ipad implementation. I think you can see that Ms. Watts and the Tech Department has been working hard to make this a great opportunity for you.

Homework Tuesday

Reread The Stolen Party (on Quarter Resources, pull down to Quarter 1 page of my blog). Then write a short, one or two paragraph essay answering this question: What does The Stolen Party¬¨‚Ćindicate about the role of power and social class in relationships? Make sure to: 1. Write a title 2. start with an introduction/hook […]

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