Architects of the Future

Architecture explores how the built environment can best meet the needs of organisms. First read this article. Next decide what problems or challenges you wish to solve. Third, draw a design to meet those needs. Write a description of what challenges you’re addressing and how. Bring your work to class on Wednesday, ready to present.

Creative Expressions

Soon, this could be you if you don’t work on your brochure starting TODAY…  

Globalization: what is it?

The world is interconnected in ways that would have seemed impossible to imagine even two decades ago. This move towards global trade and commerce is called globalization. This affects all of us in many ways. Some people have benefited greatly, while others are losing. The impact on the planet must be considered as well. Tonight, […]

Advisory photo voting

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Creating believable characters

The Enneagram might help you to create believable, complex characters. See if anyone works for you… You can also look at the ideas in the attached document on character development by K.M. Weiland.¬† crafting-unforgettable-characters


Trying to figure out what to write about? Need inspiration? Here are thirteen places to find it.

Trying to decide what to read?

Try reading the genre you’ll be writing for your fiction. Here’s why.

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