Homework for Tuesday night

If we use the definition of materialism that says:

2. The theory or attitude that physical well-being and worldly possessions constitute the greatest good and highest value in life.

Please answer as a comment to this blog post.

Many countries in the world are moving to a more materialistic lifestyle and culture. List the positive aspects of this in one bulletted list. List the negative aspects in a second.

Tomorrow we will discuss your ideas at the beginning of class.


  1. Yujin Shin says:

    – Work hard to get the materials
    – Useful in person’s life because we work everything by computer
    – Some people use it in bad ways: stealing the information of other person, use bad words and hurting mind.
    – Electromagnetic in material cause lots of problem in human’s body

    • Yujin says:

      – People trash everything even if that is working then nation will pile up with trash and it will cause many pollution problem.
      – People could be lazy
      – People’s life will be the same(boring life·Ö≥,.·Ö≥)

  2. HaeEun says:

    Positive points
    1) Life has became more convenient than before
    2)Women in kitchen spend less time in cooking with modern facilities like microwave, and cooking ranges.
    3)People are comfortable wearing casual modern clothes.
    4) communication has become easy and fast between countries.
    5) Vast information at your home

    Negative points
    1) Life has become busy
    2)Unhealthy life style due to fast food
    3)Less physical activity
    4)Propaganda through face book or twitter spread rumor
    5)Traditional aspects are forgotten

    • HaeEun says:

      More negative points
      – more trash
      – Destroy nature resources
      -Chemical poison (Suffering diseases)

  3. Jamin Goo says:

    Positive aspects
    : sense of superiority
    : higher self-confidence
    : good mood
    : makes life much easier (only for some cases)
    Negative aspects
    : too expensive
    : useless (not for all cases)
    : wants to buy more stuffs even though having a lot
    : possibilities of becoming a credit delinquent

    • Jamin Goo says:

      Negative Aspects
      : Releasing toxic
      : Harmful to environment
      : Lots of stuff becomes trash soon
      : Running out of resources
      : Improving economics

  4. Aina says:

    • Being materialistic could pleasure people
    • It creates a modern society
    • Materialism could improve humans` skill to sell something
    • It makes us to invent new technology
    • It makes you to consume more than what you need
    • It would lead to bankruptcy if you spend too much
    • It could affect human`s emotion negatively

    • Aina says:

      -We have more stuff
      -We can run out of resources
      -People keep consuming
      -Bad for environment
      -People live in rural have to move to cities
      -People get sick from toxic that produce
      -It decreases our happiness

  5. Merle says:

    – People would be more careful on what they choose
    -They would be more careful with what they own (such as a car)
    – Everyone has something to rely on after they loose a person

    – People won’t be sensitive anymore
    – They don’t care about how other people feel
    – The Government could use it as an argument to keep people prisioned since “they don’t care”
    – Might get too upset with other people touching their valuable things

  6. sejin park says:

    positive effects: People will produce more products and it will develop the country’s economy. It will help to increase a country’s GDP.
    Negative effects: The feelings, emotions and the happiness will be abandoned. Also, the gap between rich and poor will grow.

  7. Sehyuk says:

    Materialism is a theory that desires money, and believes that it makes everything possible.

  8. Shintaro says:

    • Economics will improve because people spend more money.
    • People can have convenient daily life.
    • Many inventions because there are more demand.

    • There are things that are more important than physical thing. For example, people’s life are the most valuable thing, but when other people thinks that money is much valuable, it results in human trafficking and sometimes murder to get money.
    • People might do anything to get money.

    • Shintaro says:


      -Producing and wasting a lot cases many kind of environmental problem.

      -Chemicals are used to make products and they are toxic.

      Natural resources run out

      -People in rural areas have to move to urban area and find a work which is tough and bad for your body. They consume many toxic gases.

      -Companies want customers to buy more, so they use many strategies to let customers throw away what they have and let them buy new one.

  9. koga says:

    The good things about materialism is that we could use money and get things that we want.
    the bad thing is that we used too much that we can use up all the money.

    • kk says:

      good things
      supporting companies with money
      helping big city with supporting money
      bad things
      Will have a big difference with the poor and the rich
      small city will start to collapse

  10. HyukJoo says:

    Positive Aspects
    – I believe materialism can make people happy, then people can be mentally healthy.
    Negative Aspects
    -No sense of right or wrong and preoccupation to money

  11. Young Jae says:

    Positive aspects
    1. Supporting an economic development
    2. Making people conserve materials
    3. People get industrious to get more materials

    Negative aspects
    1. Creates a gap between the poor and the rich
    2. People get obsessed with materials (What we own start owning us.)
    3. Causes conflicts about materials

  12. yejulee says:

    Materialism makes people’s life to be more enjoyable and comfortable. As an example of computer, we can have fun by spending time in the computer and in the case of materials such as knife and so on, it makes us more comfortable to do or make something.

    However, materialism can make a family to cannot talk much. Children don’t listen to their parents when they start playing computer games or watching tv. Moreover, this can make us to be more lazy.

    • yejulee says:

      Materialism pollutes the nature. It makes people to buy new stuff again and again. Finally, people throw away a lot of garbage and it pollutes to the nature and will affect to us too. Materialism can make us to satisfy but it is just a happiness for short years. When the resources are gone and the nature is polluted, people won’t be able to live because of what they have done to the nature.

  13. TaeGu says:

    -Every body working hard to get materials
    -Easier to become happy
    -People don’t have to spend lots of time on work
    -People can get materials everywhere

    -Materials are expensive for some people
    -Some people are misusing them
    -Sometimes they are very useless
    -People waste money easily to get materials

    • TaeGu says:

      More Ideas

      To make materials the world loose too many thing
      Some people are addict by buying materials
      Materials can effect health of people

  14. Filip says:

    Positive things:
    Less religion in governments
    You think you have control over your own life
    You will work harder (to get more things)
    Negative things:
    Just carrying about the stuff you have
    Not cares about others
    Tale risks to get stuff

    • Filip says:

      More things after “the story of stuff”
      Bigger economy
      A lot of trash
      Environmental problems
      Unfair working conditions
      Taking all the resources
      Companies are using planned obsolescence and perceived obsolescence to trick us
      Less happiness

  15. Tomer says:

    Some positive aspects are:
    -Everything is easy to get and convenient
    -Modern people have rich and enjoyable life
    -The world is developing economicly
    Some negative aspects are:
    -People are getting lazy because they don’t have to work hard and get used to it
    -Some that are used to buying and consuming, and suddenly getting into tough situations, become miserable.
    -Producing more

    • Tomer says:

      Improved answer:
      -We can many many products because they’re cheap and easy to get

      -We waste all our natural resources
      -We release toxics to the air and the sea
      -We dump tons and tons of waste, which is actually stuff we bought and not used
      -Our products we’re not tested for safety and health

  16. Jaeeun Shin says:

    -made life more easier
    -can finish things more easier and faster
    -develop more quickly

    -the gap between rich and poor will get larger
    -People get lazy
    -more complaints about being slow

    • Jaeeun Shin says:

      negative side
      -affects the earth negatively
      -toxic gases are released in the air
      -destroys the developing countries environmental resources, like forest, and sometimes take people to work in the factories
      -affects people’s health
      -people who work in the factories breathe in the toxic air and get diseases
      -reproductive women -> maybe can have a disabled baby

  17. Merle says:

    – We have more stuff
    – More possibilities to communicate (chat, skype…)
    – Learn more about things (through the computer or TV)
    – Polluting the earth
    – People loosing their land and their resources
    – People work with toxics and later on get sick
    – It doesn’t make us happier

  18. Young Jae says:


    Positive aspects
    -Products get cheaper
    -Economy develops

    Negative aspects
    -Environmental problem
    -Unfair payment for labors
    -Low rate of happiness

  19. Woojeong Cho says:

    – We are getting new stuff
    – If we buy lots of stuffs, it will be comfortable
    – Because we are buying lots of stuffs harmful to the nature(ex)trees, lands)
    – People will get lazy

  20. crausch says:


    -people have less stress life
    – makes world modern
    – more control of life
    – you can rely on objects more than other humans

    -people work less
    – more organization
    -more production

    • cassian says:

      -resources used up in own country and in other countries
      -peoples health rate drops by using chemicals in factories to create new objects of interest
      -99% of objects bought in last 6 months get disposed
      – people buy too many things

  21. Yuval says:

    Good things-

    – Not hard to get.
    -Makes you mentally and physically happy

    Bad things-

    -Obsession with buying.
    -Will have inequality with the rich and the poor.
    -Factories make more materials

  22. Momo says:

    -people have a better chance of getting a job
    -they can get a higher standard of living
    -it is easier to get things in the city
    -There will be a bigger gap between rich and poor
    -You won’t get as much help
    -It is unhealthier to be in the city (trash, pollution, etc.)
    -There is more criminal activity in the cities than in the country side
    -More products have to be produced because there are more people who need things
    -Then there is more trash, so when they et burnt much more harmful pollutants will go into the air
    -More factories will move into the country side, so there will be more pollution

  23. Amit Siso says:

    1) with the products that are produce now, our life is more easier than what it was before.
    2) some people, are living the modern life, they are enjoying the life and what they can do with there money.
    3) Also, materialism make people happy,by giving them the things they need and want.

    1) People get addicted to the new products and just live this kind of life.
    2) some people cant offer the amount of money that each product coast.
    3) people will start do to every thing just to get money, to buy the new materials that are coming out each time.

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