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Are we closer than we think? See this brainwave headset…

Are we forgetting something?

I noticed a glaring omission when considering the negative consequences of materialism. The Story of Stuff

Homework for Tuesday night

If we use the definition of materialism that says: 2. The theory or attitude that physical well-being and worldly possessions constitute the greatest good and highest value in life. Please answer as a comment to this blog post. Many countries in the world are moving to a more materialistic lifestyle and culture. List the positive […]

It’s time to go ‘shopping’

Click on this link to go to the credit card simulator. How much can you buy and what will it ultimately cost you?

Backchanneling the socratic seminar

Go to this link. Add your name. Join the discussion.

Poetry reading

Here’s a sample: Sarah Kay’s poem “Hands”. How does she hold her body? What does she do with it? Notice her voice. What does she do to emphasize ideas, to create emotion and to help communicate the importance of her poem?

The state of war in the world today

According to this opinion piece by the New York Times, war may be a thing of the past. Do you agree? If so, is violence as well, or will it just take a new form?

What makes an effective still image?

James Nachtwey’s TED talk is not only powerful for the ideas he presents. It’s also filled with astoundingly great photography. Look at this list of ideas regarding what makes a good still image. Which ones do you see apparent in Nachtwey’s work? What makes a good still image? Nachtwey’s TED talk

The cost of war

How do we measure the cost of a war? Is it in human lives, suffering, disease, economic or environmental destruction, or the number of countries pulled into the  fray? If it is indeed the number of lives lost, this graphic is telling.

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