Symbols for your characters

What a great opportunity for your creativity to flow… As a comment to this post, list the symbol you have chosen for each character, and explain why you chose it. We’ll take a look at each other’s ideas and compare.


  1. sejin park says:

    Suresh-magnet arrow-always finding his brother and go forward without hesitation.
    Sandeep-Rubber ball-Bounce to anywhere and cannot predict where he is.
    Appa- Spring- Cannot comeback to the original state
    Vikas: Clock- always working
    Arun-Coal-Make others bad.

  2. Minami says:

    Koly: The symbol that I chose for Koly is the quilt that she made before getting married, because it represents her memories. Also, it shows her skill of embroidery, which helped her to earn money in Vrindavan.
    Saas: The symbol that I chose for Saas is a balloon, because her anger gets bigger and bigger as the situation gets worse, just like the balloon gets bigger as air is blown into it. Also, her anger outbursts when the balloon cannot take in no more “air.”
    Sassur: The symbol that I chose for sassur is a teacher, because he does not only teach at school but he also taught Koly something important about life.
    Chandra: The symbol that I chose for Chandra is TV, because Chandra was the only person who provided Koly entertainment after Hari’s death. Also, people who have TV were really rich at the time when the book was written. So, it represents her new rich family with TV, computers etc.
    Hari: The symbol that I chose for Hari is a flower, because when he was feeling well, he was bright, but withered as if he was a flower.

  3. Yatsuho says:

    Suresh arrow he doesn’t change his minds and morals, and goes straight forward, but he smetimes hurt someone.
    Sandeep money he becomes good is he belongs to a good person, but if he belongs to a bad one, hen he becomes bad.
    Appa alcohol First, it is good, but later, it turns out bad.
    vikas coin he is nice to every one, but on the other hand, himself is the most important for him.
    Arun dictator he is good at persuading people.

  4. yejulee says:

    Suresh : Map – Suresh led and looked after his brother like a map which informs the ways to go.
    Sundeep : Flying leaf – Sundeep followed where wind goes. You can suppose the wind as ‘Arun’ and Sundeep was attracted to bad ways by him like a flying leaf in a wind.
    Appa : A collapsing luxury building – Appa was a skillful and strong person at first. He was a capability person but he lost his mind after losing his mother.
    Vikas : A hamster – Hamster can escape very well and wander around all the day. So, I think Vikas is like a hamster.
    Arun : Acid rain – Arun’s mind was dirty and it affected seriously to Sundeep.

  5. Young Jae says:

    Suresh- A horse- He is stubborn without taking care of other people.
    Sandeep- Sponge- He easily get influenced by someone like a sponge sucking water.
    Appa- Gambling- Easily and quickly lose something a lot.
    Vikas- Ticking of the clock- He is strict and making people working.
    Arun- Dirty puddle on the street- He affects other people’s mind in negative way.

  6. wcho says:

    Suresh- Shield: He protects his brother.
    Sandeep- Perfume : He changes his scent many times.
    Appa- Animal : He does not know how to control himself.
    Vikas- Money: He helps Suresh and Sandeep with a job and they earn money.
    Arun- Fox: He lies, steals and cheat other people.

  7. HyukJoo says:

    Suresh- Sandeep
    Suresh always take care of his brother.
    Sandeep- A white blank paper
    He is adaptable to the new environment very easily
    Appa- Beast
    He can’t control himself, when he gets mad
    Vikas- An Eraser
    He always helps and think about the other people
    Arun- A black dirty paper
    He’s mind and everything is already polluted.

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