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  1. Yuval says:

    Symbols for Broken Glass characters:

    Suresh- The symbol I gave Suresh was a leader, because since he and Sundeep ran away from home, Suresh had to take extra responsibility for himself and for his younger brother. Suresh led Sundeep while they were on the streets; by feeding him, caring for him, and teaching him lessons.

    Sundeep- The symbol I gave Sundeep was a dog, because after he and he ran away, Sundeep had to listen and follow his brother, because there was no one else he trusted to follow.

    Appa- The symbol I gave Appa was a bat, because a bat is a night animal, and night is dark. Also Appa was in a dark time in his life and he needed to find a way out to the light again.

    Vikas- The symbol I gave Vikas was a street cat, because street cats know how to manage; to get food, where to sleep…and also how to manage problems.

    Arun- The symbol I gave Arun was a mosquito, because mosquitos are insects that bite and suck blood, since Arun always got jealous of Suresh and Sundeep and also insulted them, like he was biting them.

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