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  1. Yujin Shin says:

    Dear diary,

    Please help us!

    In the morning I couldn’t eat any of the food. I think I didn’t eat food yesterday also. I can’t remember when I did eat rice. Perhaps, it has been almost one month. These days I just drink a cup of water. Prices of water are increasing so recently it’s hard to drink water. There is no one to help me. There are many other people who look same as me. When I was young I didn’t live like this and maybe other people didn’t live like this either. We are living like this because of the war. War changed our lives like beggars. One year ago, in our country there was a war and we lost our house. Yes, it wasn’t a simple war. Surely in short term we couldn’t be beggar. First, we fought with other country either. Although our country has a lot of people and have almost same mind but that time our people weren’t had same mind. It was very devastating war. Did you imagine that people undergo my parents didn’t take care of me and left me. I made friends with people whose lives were the same as me. I’ m looking for something to eat. Many people are friendly who are in the same situation as me. Generally said that who has same situation, they could share their mind to each other. I need help and we need help. We will learn how we can get out of poverty. Addition, I won’t throw out my hope, I will keep my hope until someone help us.

    • sejin park says:

      Poor Indian brothers

      Starving and being scared, I’m looking for something to eat or sell in the piles of trash. The number of my family’s members was six, but now it is just two; I and my younger brother. Starving and suffering from diseases, my brother, sister and my parents passed away in last year and me and my brother was left with nothing but sadness. My parents’ last saying was this; “Don’t lose hope and be brave with your brother. I promised myself to not forget it. In here, Delhi, there are a lot of people who lost family like me.
      My brother, who’s just 6 years old, is the smallest among his age I’ve ever seen. I always try to feed him but there aren’t many things I can do. One way to get some food is to rummage piles of trash. Sometimes, I can find something valuable for me like a pen, a coin, unwrapped product etc. The other way to find food or earn money is to beg on the street. I’m happy when foreigners give me some money. From this way, the problem is that the horning sound from strange-looking giant trumpets really hurt my ears and my brother’s ears. From these ways, I can earn about 50 rupees a week.
      When I’m looking into the window to beg some money, I usually see some princes and princesses seating back of the car and licking some sweets. This view makes me feel sympathy to myself. Soon, I remembered what my parents lastly told me. I decided myself to remind these words when I’m in trouble or I don’t like to live any longer. Soon, it will be winter and every day is going to be the most painful day. Remembering last winter, it makes me feel cold even in spring or summer. Anyway, I will make my heart strong and I won’t lose the glimmer of light in my heart forever.

  2. Minami says:

    January 11, 2012

    Dear diary,

    It was very, very cold today. When I woke up, the streets were covered in thick, heavy fog and I could not get out of my blanket because it was literally freezing out there. I wrapped myself in a big, warm blanket and had a bowl of watery daal for breakfast. I brushed my teeth with a Neem twig and washed my face. My mom put my hair into two ponytails. “You look great!” my mom said, smiling. “Now, go take care of your siblings. They are waiting for you.”

    I ran out to the road with my two little brothers and a little baby sister on my back. There were many people in shiny cars. I saw a girl of my age with two white strings hanging from her ears. The weird strings were connected to a shiny phone. I could not help staring at the techy stuff. She looked at me as if I was a rat. ­­­­­Then, I found myself pressing my face against the window. I was so embarrassed and ­I ran to the sidewalk as the traffic light turned green.

    It got warmer and warmer as the fog dispersed. We had lunch under the flyover as usual. I gave my lunch to my little brothers because they seemed so hungry. After lunch, we played tag where we had lunch. It was so much fun. My belly was growling and demanding for something to eat, though. Then my little brothers went out to the road, hoping to get something from the commuters. I dragged myself back to the place where I usually sleep, and stayed under the flyover, because I knew that begging won’t help my hunger. I lay on the concrete, trying not to make myself starve from walking around. I fell asleep, because it was so cozy and comfortable inside the blanket.

    I found some chocolates wrapped in pretty, colorful wrappers on the ground when I woke up. My little brothers came running to me and said, “These are for you. You didn’t have any lunch, my sis! I don’t want you to starve.” They smiled and ran away crazily.

    I carefully unwrapped one of the chocolates and gratefully tossed it into my mouth. It was the best thing I’ve ever had in my life. I put the rest of the chocolates in my pocket, making sure that they won’t fall out, and came up with an awesome analogy. “My two little brothers are sweet and cute, just like chocolates wrapped in fancy wrappers.”

  3. Amit Siso says:

    Day live of a beggar

    I woke up in the early morning of Monday, the sun was rising up. The temperature was cold as frozen ice cream. I couldn’t see a thing because of the thick fog that was settled out side, cars were honking nonstop and people were shouting. I waited till my brother will wake up so we will start the day and hopefully survive it.
    “Come on! Wake up! We have a long day today. “I shouted at my brother.
    As fast as he could he woke up he putted his dirty old green shirt and his torn pants and we got quickly out of “home,” and went to the crossroad like every day.
    We waited at the red light, hoping that this time will not be many more children with us for the attention of people in cars. We knocked on the windows, begging for handout, but people didn’t look at us and only laughed, I didn’t understand why they do it, I’m hungry, my stomach hurts, I’m cold, I have no clothes to wear. They have everything they need…. They even have pizza … And I, a beggar, a handout … didn’t get.
    It’s getting dark. My brother and I are tired, hungry and exhausted. We need to look for a hiding and sleeping place like every night, hoping that tomorrow people will look at us through the window, open their hearts and their hands and give us a hope for a new day.

  4. Filip says:


    I’m weak, alone, and doomed by the society to death.The eternal hunger have started to take over my body. If I not continue my search for food and clean water I’ll die like brother did, the one who made my life worth living. He past away three months ago. He became sick, he got diarrhea. He had no chance to survive and the only thing I want to do now is to give up. I don’t want live anymore in this godforsaken world, the world of New Delhi.
    I went out to beg in the traffic but no one even wanted look at me.They think of me as a lesser being. I had only begged for 15 minutes when two other boys came to me and said ,that this is their place if I leave by myself they will do it with violence. I had no other choice than go some where else to look for money and something to eat. The hunger it hurt ,I had to lie down. I started to cry, I hadn’t asked for this life in misery. I wanted to have food, a place to live, go to school, have friends, and especially my brother and family back. I began to think of my brother. He would forced me to continue, but he isn’t here now. I have to force myself. I find a free place to beg on, and the second car I asked gave me 10 rupees. I would have run to the market if I got the power, but I didn’t. I bought some food for the money. I ate it. It was the tastiest and most wonderful meal I’ve ever eaten. I realised I had to continue my life in the name of his honor.

  5. Yatsuho says:

    Power of Money
    Life on the Indian street is worse than you think, and I’m one of the boys who live on a street in India with father, mother, and a big brother. My life is terrible. My little brother died few weeks ago, because he didn’t have enough foods and water to live and I also go to bet with hungriness and my family too. It’s cold in winter and hot in summer, and around house smells so bad. Street in front of our house is filled with cars and cows. My brother and I were not going to a school because we don’t have that much money and we have to work to live. My father lost a job, so we have to work instead of him while he is looking for a job, but there are lots of people who needs job. My brother luckily found the job and he was working hard every day, but there was no one who is going to employ 13 years old boy. I had to go to street and ask people for money and foods, and there are people who are like me, so big street is filled with that kind of children. Most of people I asked were unkind, so I can’t get enough things to eat, and I don’t know what I should do to get moneys to live. I didn’t want to ask people for money for anymore. I wanted a work. One day, when I was on the street and asking people for food, I saw a people in a gorgeous car and the car was surrounded by people like me. The car stop at the signal, and the window of the car opened and a man in the car passed a little money to everyone. I wanted to go get it but I couldn’t. I knew that that little money is not going to change my life. I realized that most important thing I have to do is to find the job, not looking for someone giving me money. I remembered that the money I got every time was finished next day. I saw the car with lots of people around it. The man giving money to people didn’t know that the money he is giving doesn’t help people. And next moment, a car came and hit all the people around the car. I couldn’t understand what happened. Children were lying down on the street and didn’t move. I left there with fear. And when I got calmed, I truly knew that the people who are giving money to us really don’t help us.

  6. Merle says:

    Another day on the streets in Delhi
    As always, in the morning I was freezing. I had nothing warm or clean to wear, not even socks. All I had was a t-shirt and a long skirt. My stomach was grumbling and I couldn’t stop the noise it was making, besides that I haven’t taken a shower for three weeks since the water pomp was broken. This also meant that I couldn’t brush my teeth. For me, it was normal to share a tooth brush with my whole family. And I had to beg for food every day. But I first of all wanted to heat myself in front of the fire we were making every morning. Today, I had many tasks to do, including getting fire wood for today evening. We were lucky today, since we are only allowed to make a fire in the evening every two days, today was one of them. I was so hungry, that I was thinking of killing myself. We were begging tourists but not even a single one of them wanted to give us food or money. Most of them didn’t even looked at us and I could feel that they were cold and were only thinking about themselves. Every minute of my life, was a step to move forward to starve to death. My stomach was already thick, not because I had a lot to eat, but because I had gotten worms from the dirty water in my home country. I wasn’t allowed to see the home nurse; my dad said that it is a waste of time and money. He wanted me to beg and get the money for our family. Together with my sister, I hoped on every car window that stopped. Usually, when we got a little bit of money, my dad bought himself something to eat. He didn’t give anything to my mom, my sister or me. He ate it all for himself. If we asked him to gives us a little bit of it or if we said anything bad to him, he would punish us, and we weren’t even allowed to sit in front of the family fire. Every minute of my life, I could smell the rice our neighbors were eating every day for lunch. I hoped that they would give something to our family, but this big dream never came true. One day I begged on the car and a gentle girl gave me a hundred rupees. All of the sudden my eyes were shining, my stomach was quiet, and I felt like a princess that just got the message to become a queen. But there was one thing that the young lady said to me. She whispered in a low voice, “Get yourself something to eat for yourself and your family. I also want you to go to school. Please convince your parents to send you to school, this is the only way you can get a good job and become rich.”
    I thought that this was a new section of my life. The idea of suicide was gone, deleted, and dead. From now on, I had new hopes and I understood that the Hindu god gave me a life because I earned it. I couldn’t describe my feelings anymore. I hoped that if I go to school, I will always be warm and I can by myself new clothes, including socks!

  7. Young Jae says:

    Living in a small village in the fresh breeze, my childhood had been full of delightful memories. Playing and giggling with my sister, I really had enjoyed it. Our happy family had never expected to live in this dark, dust storm before my father passed away. Leaving our familiar home village for first time was not very easy decision for us. Breathing dirty, harmful fumes, getting chapped by cold moisture, unfortunately, when we finally arrived at the town, my mother got an unknown, harmful disease which led her to death.
    Now, I and my sister live on the street, begging and eating the burnt, tasteless food, which often makes us vomit. Our body is full of dark dust. Even in the monsoon season, we still beg for 2 rupees in the heavy rain. Some of our body parts are already injured, such as my arm and knees. We have no house and no hope. When I’m always beaten by some people or other street children, my sister is the only one who helps me. I miss my parents and village every day. If I can go back to past, I would never leave my old house because my childhood is full of dark tears now.

  8. kk says:

    My brothers and I

    The burning sun of Delhi hit us as we walked to the muddy station. Our stomach roared like a lion as we ask the people why they don’t see us. We didn’t always live in this hard life. We were living in a small house that we could sleep in and eat every night without going to find food. A house, where we could have a safe place to live in, until it caught on fire and burnt everything except a tiny piece of a picture that showed me and my brothers. Afterwards, we could not buy a new house and now we live on the burning pavement with one blanket that we stole from the trains. Still the money lender comes after us for the money that my father left when he threw himself into the fire. My mother was the one who saw her husband burn to death. Still she did not how her husband died. Her eyes were like a moon that had no light. My brothers and I always looked after her while stealing things from the trains. We tried to make her better so we bought some flowers but they died by the burning sun. I always went into the trains and went finding things for the family and for my mother. Whatever I could find, my mother would say in her weakened voice “Thank you child but I don’t need it; give it to your brothers.” She doesn’t move, eat or sleep. The only time she will move is when she goes up to the house we lived in. My mother looked in with a face that was wrinkled up like paper.

    After she always says “If only your father was here we will have a better house, food, clothes and life.”

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