Symbols for your characters

What a great opportunity for your creativity to flow… As a comment to this post, list the symbol you have chosen for each character, and explain why you chose it. We’ll take a look at each other’s ideas and compare.

Character traits

Add some of these words to your character chart, as appropriate

Support Homework

Please post your edited vignette as a comment to this post. We’ll look at them on Tuesday.

Support class request for Monday 16th January

Please paste your Indian street child or Indian woman vignette to this post as a comment so that we can scroll through all of them on Wednesday. Remember to give it a title.

Advice about Writing

We want to become voracious readers and prolific, inspired writers. So what does it take? Here are the writing habits of some of history’s great writers: (Post by¬†Leo Babauta) “Finding the ideal working habits that will allow me to write as consistently as possible is always something I‚Äôm exploring as a writer. I love reading […]

Homework Tuesday

Finish your eight stickies. Remember, you should have: 2 that discuss what is exciting about the Arab Spring. 2 that discuss what is worrisome (of concern, potentially dangerous or negative) about the Arab Spring 2 things you still need to know about the Arab Spring 2 suggestions you have for the people and governments of […]

Monday Humanities Homework

Tonight please go to the links listed in the previous post and skim them for information about the current situation in the Middle East. Make sure to include Egypt, as well as considering other countries such as Yemen, Syria, Libya, etc. Write down four things you learned about the situation that you found most interesting […]

Monday’s class discussion

Hello and welcome back. We’ll be working tomorrow with a guest speaker, Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim. He is an attorney who grew up in Egypt, practicing law there for several years. We will discuss the Arab Spring with him, and the process and ramifications of overthrowing dictators. Today, we’ll be working with the following websites: A […]

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