Humanities Homework Thursday

Your essays are beautiful. I’m grading them and I am super duper proud of you! They are every bit as good as the ones in the regular Humanities classrooms. You guys are brilliant and amazing. SO, Please post your dictator essay, with title, works cited, everything, on your blog for the world to see ūüôā […]

Humanities Homework Wednesday

It’s the BIG day!!! Hand in your final draft of your dictator research essay before you go to bed. Make a copy on a pen drive, or paste it in a google doc ALSO, so that if you sent me the wrong thing, or lost it, or whatever, you have a backup. It’s your ticket […]

Humanities Homework Tuesday

You should write conclusion and send me a first draft of your entire essay, including title and works cited before you go to bed tonight.

Humanities Homework Monday

Send me your introduction and two body paragraphs before you go to bed today please. Tomorrow we learn how to write the conclusion. Remember: Wednesday night you MUST submit the entire essay to me, with citations, color-coded, and a works cited page.

Humanities Homework

Tonight you should write your second body paragraph, with citations and color-coding and send to me by 8 am. If you have not sent me both body paragraph first drafts by tomorrow at 8 am, you are behind. Monday I will teach you to write the introduction. Tuesday we will discuss the conclusion. Tomorrow (Friday) […]

Humanities Homework Wednesday

If you are staying on the calendar to finish by the break, you should write a first draft of the first body paragraph to me tonight. You should also plan the second body paragraph.

Support Homework

If you have not given me your web for Red Scarf Girl. Due tomorrow (Thursday). Remember, you’ll be writing your vignette in class on Friday. You can plan it, make a mind map if you like. Remember to look over the vignette checklist we looked at today in class that’s on the support page of […]

Humanities Homework Tuesday

If you want your photo-essay from the Industrial Revolution you must take it tomorrow. All others will be recycled.¬¨‚Ć Tonight you should have finished your thesis statement and send it me for approval if I did not approve it in class. Then work on the body outline which is both linked to Monday’s homework post, […]

Homework Support

Keep reading your independent book. Bring it to class on Wednesday. Also, if you have not turned in your revised copy of your letter or book reflection, it’s also due Wednesday. Finally, turn in your control mindmap.

Humanities Homework Monday

This should be the last night of research if possible. You should have at least 35 notecards, plus your source cards. At least 28 of the cards should be for the body paragraphs. Also, take a few moments to look over the Body-outline linked here.

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