Humanities homework Wednesday

Bring your speech, printed and ready to read for practice. IMPORTANT: drop a final draft of your speech, with citations at the bottom, in the shared folder, Brown ESL, folder “persuasive speeches” Look over the Hitler document once more and be ready to add ideas from it to the Totalitarian Leaders document. Remember: methods of […]

Humanities Homework

You should be near finishing your speech. Remember to look at the grading rubric you helped to design (under Quarter 2 on this blog). Have you addressed all parts of it, including the citations and persuasive devices? Do you have an engaging, memorable introduction and conclusion? Then begin to practice it. Be ready to summarize […]

Support Homework

Read until page 71 in RSG. Add to your mindmap on control. Post your self- reflection and work sample on your eportfolio page for ESL.

Humanities Monday Homework

Tonight please edit your speech very, very, very carefully. Try to root out all errors. Then begin to practice it. Read it to the wall, to the bird outside your window, to your baby sister, and to your plate of dinner noodles. Practice, practice practice. You don’t have to memorize it, but you should be […]

Humanities Homework

Remember to post your current event. The first draft of your speech is due Monday by 8:00 am. Send it sooner if you can in case I have time this weekend to work on it.

Support Friday

Read Red Scarf Girl (RSG) until at least page 37 (whoops…I mistakenly listed the page earlier). Add methods of control to your mind map. Also note any particularly good examples of the two things we discussed in class: foreshadowing and descriptive show not tell. Continue to read your independent book.

Humanities Homework Thursday

Continue to work on your speech. If you do any research, remember to check for reliable websites. Who authored the site? What is their background? Can you trust them? Make sure to use BibMe or Son of Citation to format your references.  

Humanities Homework Wednesday

Start to write your speech. If you get far enough to send me a first draft (but edit it for grammar, spelling, etc.) that’s great. Then I can look at it during my prep time tomorrow…

Humanities Homework Tuesday

You need to decide for sure what your persuasive speech will be about. Tomorrow when class starts please boot up and show me your thesis and at least four supporting ideas for your thesis. We will start writing it tomorrow in class.

Humanities Homework Monday

Tonight we’ll look at the artwork of totalitarian regimes. This is to better understand the message they try to convey to their citizens. Go to the googledoc link for SeeThinkWonder all classes. Then open a new tab and go to my Diigo Account. The tab is Totalitarianism. At the top is the link “Nazi Posters“, […]

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