Humanities Homework

Make at least four more research note cards from World Geography. They can be all from the same source, or more than one different source. You can of course do more than that. You will need to get busy on this, so do as many as you have time for. Remember – the notetaker grid […]

Humanities Homework Tuesday

Well done on your tests today. You’re finished !!!!!!!!!!! Remember: everyone comes to my room at 8:30 am tomorrow morning – periods 5 and 6. Homework: Color code the first two paragraphs of the sample totalitarian essay paper under Quarter 2 in my blog. red for quotations black for paraphrasing green for common knowledge blue […]

Support Homework Tuesday

Read until page 217 in RSG Revise your vignette or write new text in which you use participles and repetition to emphasize and take the reader inside. Bring up this text when we start class.

Monday homework

Your self-reflection for your blog is due tomorrow morning before you get to school. Make sure to address all aspects of the rubric, both content and presentation.

Support Important!

Your first entry under the new policy for response to independent reading is due December 5th. This deadline is not flexible, meaning you may want to plan to turn it in earlier. If you are in the middle of a book, you should respond based upon your reading so far. Remember: all of the documents […]

Humanities Homework Tuesday

In preparation for our large essay research project, please download and look over the powerpoint entitled Dictatorship-characteristics  from the Quarter 2 page on this blog tonight at home. Which words do you need to look up in your dictionary? Much of the ideas will be familiar, but some vocabulary will be new. Come tomorrow with […]

Support Homework Monday

4 brushstroke tips for more descriptive sentences – look at the examples of participles (slides 3 and 4). Find two or three sentences in your vignette that would benefit from using this technique. Add them to your vignette, placing the sentences in a color so I can see them easily on Wednesday. Read to whichever […]

Humanities homework Monday

Great, fabulous, wonderful, amazing job on your speeches. Hooray for you! Write your self-reflection on your blog. Make sure you wait until I give you my feedback if you are in period 1-6. Include your strengths, as well as what you would like to improve.

Support Homework

Read until page 117 in RSG by Monday. Add the ideas to your mind map.

Humanities Homework Thursday

Your speech is tomorrow. Hooray! Remember to look over the grading rubric. Practice. Make sure to send a copy to yourself on your First Class so that you can put it in the shared drive tomorrow. It needs citations.  

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