Script writing: Aina’s example

SCRIPT!! Susan B Anthony Second draft‚ÄúYou have to go out there and catch your dream, said Susan B Anthony`s father. Growing up as a girl in New York was uneasy since girls were treated unjustly in society during that period. Having a supported family who did not assent with the term of girls should be […]

Humanities Homework Tuesday

Keep writing your scripts. We need very solid drafts of the biographies, along with an attempt at introductions and conclusions if you’ve not done so. Here’s Minami’s example to help you remember what we’re trying to do: Women‚Äôs rights… It’s a key indicator of whether that society will thrive -Kavita Ramdas ‚ÄúPoor things, you only […]

Support Homework Monday

Keep doing your independent reading and adding sticky notes in your reader’s journal regarding the thinking and ideas from the Reader’s Notebook powerpoint of what good readers do. Start writing your first draft of your vignette. Here was the example I started to write in class. (You should write more than this, but just to […]

Humanities homework Monday

Now it’s time to write the script. You should have a first draft of the script on your biography for the person you’re in charge of. Please post it on the same googledoc where you’ve been doing your research. Keep finding pictures and movie clips to download. Here’s the sample I started to write about […]

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