Humanities Homework Monday

Welcome back. Finish your portfolio reflection, try to make it as error-free as possible, and send it to me by 8 am tomorrow morning (Tuesday). Make sure to mention what you have learned, and particularly which skills and understandings can you take forward to other tasks in the future. Remember, your parents will see it, […]


Some interesting language from your vignettes. Let’s learn from each other: Metaphor and description: Back in Greece, I barely got out of our incredibly minor¬†village. It is like a little drop in the sea compared to New York. The road here seems like a long silk twine with its mighty curves and bends. Here’s an […]

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WOW and onward…

Have a great WOW, and a fabulous vacation. No news update required. Just the homonyms test upon your return. Please continue your reading habit. Enjoy some well-earned relaxation.

Humanities Thursday

Very important: By Friday morning before school, send to Ms. Brown: 1.A Word document with the citations for your movie. 2. The entire script, final copy. *Otherwise I will have to mark you as a zero for that portion of the movie. Make sure you have posted your sentence combining on your blog.

Humanities Homework

Movies are due today or tomorrow morning (Thursday morning). Remember: several of you have zeros for sentence combining (The Big Bear Lake paragraph). Please post them on your blog tonight. Reminder: there will be a test on all of the homonyms in column one on the first day back from school.

Humanities Homework

If you want to sign up for NaNo WriMo, please register outside Mr. Kuehn’s door (M12) and on the website: If¬† you haven’t posted your Big Bear Lake sentence combining paragraph on your blog, please do so tonight. (It’s under Grammar/Spelling/Language on my blog.) Tomorrow’s currently the last day to work on your movie. […]

Humanities Homework Monday

Please remember to categorize all of your posts for this class under Humanities 8. This is particularly important for current events, which you should title as such. A couple of you still need to post last week’s current event, which was due yesterday. Please post your sentence combining paragraph about Big Bear Lake on your […]

Support Homework

Please email a copy of your vignette by Wednesday so I can see how it’s progressing. Keep maintaining your Reader’s Journal. Thank you.

Homework Wednesday

Happy Dussehra. And… Send me a Word document with your script for edits as soon as you’re able. First come, first served. We need to really get working on the movie Friday. Also, make sure you have the movie, pictures, music, etc. you need ready to go.

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