Humanities Homework Tuesday

Period 2/5: Be ready to present your IR stations to the class. You will get 15 minutes to plan your articles presentation for the group: singular, plural, noncount, (and then Yuval and Shintaro you will not really teach us rules, but instead explain if you see any times when the rules are the same for […]

Monday Humanities Homework

I hope you had a great day. Remember, I’ll be in workshops most of the week but I’ll be posting homework. You can ask Mrs. Panth about my comments on your Hans Rosling essay if you don’t understand. You may make your edits and post your Hans Rosling essay onto your blog whenever you like. […]

Support Homework

You will have a quiz on literary devices on Tuesday. You will be required to define each of the words and to give an example of each. Look for at least two examples total of literary devices in your independent reading and mark them on sticky notes. Bring them on Tuesday.

Friday Humanities Homework

Write your Hans Rosling TED talk analysis, using the same “recipe” we have discussed in class: hook Introduce Mr. Rosling and his TED talk as the source thesis supporting detailsconclusion (and link back to the ideas in your hook or thesis) This essay is due by Saturday night when you go to bed. First come, […]

Humanities Thursday Homework

Tonight please listen to the entire Hans Rosling TED talk. Then fill out the front side of the listening exercise paper (the back side is for a different talk). Be ready to write an essay on the ideas tomorrow. Therefore you must carefully consider the thesis, the supporting ideas, and your opinion of the ideas. […]

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