Support Homework

Write at least two more metaphors, in addition to the ones you did in class. Find metaphors and similes inside of your independent reading book and bring to put in your reader’s journal.

Homework Humanities Friday

Your photoessay is due Monday. If you want my feedback it is due at noon Saturday at the latest. Remember to look at the rubric and cite your sources. I told you I wouldn’t remind you, but I will this time. Write your paragraph on your blog about the newspaper articles you’ve been reading. Please […]

Humanities Homework Thursday

Make a list of the themes you saw in The Arrival (the wordless picture book we looked at today). Write your title for the photoessay tonight. Remember: it should consist of a 1. poetic part and 2. a descriptive part Write the introduction to the photoessay tonight. Remember: it needs a 1. hook, 2. elaborating […]

Humanities Wednesday

Bring in four captions for your photoessay, edited and ready to go. Tomorrow you can print them, as well as the photos, and take them home to make your poster. We’ll talk about how to write the introduction in class.

Humanities Homework Tuesday

Write at least four captions for your photoessay (you can do six if you would like to push yourself, but remember four quality ones is much better than six poor ones). We will be continuing to work on them in class, but at least make a very good attempt on four. Make sure to include […]

Humanities Monday Homework

Tomorrow bring the URLs (web addresses) for each of your six photoessay pictures. Copy the captions that came with them. Then, even more importantly, see what you can find out about the situation. This will most probably mean that you need to do additional research. For example, you might need to do searches for “conditions […]

Support Homework

Read as much as you can. See if you can find some new places and times to add to your reading habit. Make at least three sticky notes related to the slides on the Reader’s Notebook powerpoint I gave you (making predictions, asking questions, images in your mind, and so on).

Homework Friday Humanities

Homework according to Mrs. Panth: 1. Get invites to coffee signed & bring to class on Mon. 2.¬† Articles quiz 3.¬† For photoessay:¬† topic and all 6 photos with you, accessible, in a folder on your flash drive or the like 4 (for pd. 2/5) explore the news sites linked on diigo and come ready […]

Humanities Homework

Everybody: Put your revised Hans Rosling essay on your blog for grading. Period 1/6: Study for the map quiz tomorrow. Come ready to share your favorite two sites for news and current events and why. Bring at least two pictures for your photo essay. You will need to have all six pictures by Monday. Mandatory. […]

Humanities Wednesday

Continue to work on your articles presentations. You will only have 15 minutes in class to finish them up and then present them. Make sure to take a look at the literary devices presentation rubric to remind yourself of the areas for consideration.  

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