Homework Humanities Friday

  • This will be a busy weekend. I had planned to ask you to start your script, but no one is ready. We need LOTS more research. Get curious. Be the expert about your two characters. Ask lots of “why” and “how” questions. Why did this person do this? What motivated this person to study this, start this, do this? What obstacles and problems did the person encounter? How did the person react to challenges and how did the person overcome them? What’s most important about the person’s life? This is a very important project. I suggest you take it very seriously. You will be competing and showing your work in front of the regular, non-ESL classes.
  • You may want to visit Simple English Wikipedia to do some research. The sentences are shorter and more straightforward.
  • Download and save movie clips and photos for your movie. Bring them on a flash drive or drop them in Dropbox or some other online file sharing application.

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