Monday Humanities Homework

I hope you had a great day. Remember, I’ll be in workshops most of the week but I’ll be posting homework. You can ask Mrs. Panth about my comments on your Hans Rosling essay if you don’t understand.

  • You may make your edits and post your Hans Rosling essay onto your blog whenever you like. I’ll be in class in the morning if you’d like to come ask me questions first.
  • Period 5 people: please read the information you were assigned today in the IR stations and fill in the googledoc. Come ready to spend a bit of time with your partners planning what you’ll say, and then present.
  • Remember, there‚Äôs a map test of the western hemisphere on Friday (20 countries minimum)
  • Watch the youtube video on articles and make a list of the rules as you understand them. Tuesday‚Äôs lesson will work with articles.

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