Homework Humanities Friday

This will be a busy weekend. I had planned to ask you to start your script, but no one is ready. We need LOTS more research. Get curious. Be the expert about your two characters. Ask lots of “why” and “how” questions. Why did this person do this? What motivated this person to study this, […]

Support Homework Thursday

This is due Monday: Read two more vignettes from house on Mango Street and pay attention to the many aspects we’ve discussed such as: theme, symbolism, show not tell, literary devices, sentence structure to achieve a mood, etc. Do one page of sticky notes (4 each) for each vignette. Make sure to write the title […]

Humanities Homework Wednesday

I love research! Yippee! Now we’re rollin’, as they say. Your homework is to find one good source for your biography, read it and take notes (IYOW). Make sure you use BibMe for the citation (unless someone else in your group already made the citation). Take notes in the googledoc. Also, many of you are […]

Support Homework Tuesday

Look for three examples inside of No Speak English (pp. 76-77 in Mango Street) and for each, write the details the text uses, and what that really says about the person or situation. (Remember to label the page with the date, title of the book, and title of the passage.)

Homework Humanities Tuesday

Please spend 20 minutes working on sentence combining quizzes on Diigo. We’ll start movie research tomorrow (hooray!)

Monday Homework Humanities

If you have not turned in your immigrant letter do so tomorrow, as it is already late. Look over all of the documents for the movie project.¬† Script Writing Tips, and ending with Movie.timeline&steps. This is a total of 6 documents. Come tomorrow with questions about what the project entails. (The timeline dates should be […]

Support Homework

Read a lot this weekend. Continue to mark places, with sticky notes, where you find you are predicting, making connections, asking questions, and all of the other behaviors in the reader’s powerpoint (That powerpoint is also uploaded onto the support tab on the website. It’s called “The Reader’s Notebook”).

Humanities Friday

Work on your immigrant letter (under quarter 1 on my blog, Final Immigration Letter). Extra points for making it look old. More importantly, follow the guidelines carefully. Please paperclip your letter, your research information on the country you’re from, and your character profile together. Turn in all three things together. Remember to keep working on […]

Humanities Homework Tuesday

Finish your character biography tonight. It can be as a list or as a paragraph, but consider who is your character? Tell us about your homeland, you family, what brought you, what the home country was like. Why did you come to America? What are your dreams, your wishes, your desires? What are your fears?

Humanities Homework

Finish your country research paper if you haven’t. We will be discussing it tomorrow and using it to write your character profile in class. Remember, you have a test on the entire homonyms column #1 on October 31st Monday. Make sure you are studying it regularly, as it includes many words.

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