Humanities Homework Friday

We discussed the plot and the deeper meaning behind literature. We also discussed how to write a short answer literary analysis. (this is underlined because if you click on it, it will take you to my googledoc). I have added a sample essay to this page for you to look at. 1. Now go back […]

Humanities Homework Thursday

Please remind your parents about back to school night tonight, starts at 6 in the HOP How is the Stolen Party really about power? Write an short answer essay style response and post it as a comment to this blog post. Do not post it on your blog and do not email it to me. […]

Humanities Homework Wednesday

Please bring your final parent letter, printed and signed, to class. Do NOT email me your anticipation guide, but bring it in digital form to class tomorrow. Oh no! Period 2-5, I forgot to ask for your signed parent invitations for Back to School Night. Please bring them tomorrow. Continue to study homonyms and prefixes […]

Humanities Homework Tuesday

Bring the Back to School Night invitation signed from your parents Email me a completed first draft, as perfect as possible, of your parent letter. Study the 30 prefixes on the 30/15/10 list that is on the Grammar/spelling/language page of this blog. Only the prefixes will be tested when you have the homonyms test on […]

Support Homework

Read at least 20 minutes every night (30 or more is better if you have time) Look at Teacher’s Book Wizard,, and Destiny and bring 3 titles you might be interested in.

In-class assignment Tuesday

Due on Wednesday: Download and read the syllabus for 8th grade humanities. Ask Ms. Brown questions you may have. Write a letter to your parents. Follow the structure below: Paragraph one: Welcome them and thank them for investing in your education. Paragraph two: explain your goals as a learner this year in ESL. Mention your […]

…and the winners are…

Cleverist: antibellism Funniest: somnoist Easiest to figure out: facebookaholic Most memorable: facebookaholic Come to claim your prizes!

Homework Humanities Friday

1. Go to the Madlibs free online generators and spend a bit more time on Madlibs. Then write your own Madlib and bring it to class to share with your classmates on Tuesday. You are REQUIRED to use all of the IVANA CAPP categories at least once. You may use some more than once (you’ll […]

Support homework Thursday

Make sure you have two or more books to take home and begin to read. Check with Ms. Brown if you need more ideas to where to find books. Read at least 20 minutes per day, or more if you have time, on your book. Bring the book you’re reading to support class on Tuesday […]

Humanities homework Thursday

Who says we can’t write the dictionary? Use the prefixes, suffixes, and roots and create your own words. Write them in the googledoc and quiz your neighbors 🙂 1. Add at least two new words to the dictionary. (To add rows, right click and select ‘insert row below’. Remember: use either Firefox or GoogleChrome. Internet […]

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