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  1. Write your self-reflection on your blog. Don’t do a list, but instead write sentences that clearly explain your strengths and growth areas.
  2. Make sure you understand the literary devices. The document with all of them, along with their definitions, is on my blog on the support page. The file is called literary.devices.¬†¬† Read it and make sure you understand so that you can write the definitions, in your own words, in your reader’s journal on Friday.
  3. Here is the link to HaeEun’s literary devices song that she showed you in class today:


  1. Cassian says:

    My self reflection for SUPPORT

    While I was presenting I made a lot of eye contact with the people and I spoke loud and clear. Sometimes I asked questions into the audience and asked them if the have problems or don’t understand what Personification is. In the end I had a small handout that i gave to everyone where you had to connect 2 words and then finish the sentence, it wasn‚Äôt too easy and not too hard. For now it was fine , but then people had questions and I always came to them and checked if they where fine. People seemed to enjoy the game !

    When I wanted to begin with the presentation I wrote the definition on the board which took some time and next time I should have made it as a powerpoint and just put the powerpoint on smart board and give the example there. I should have read over the story before I present it. And of course ask a lot more questions to the audience.

  2. shintaro says:

    you have to post on your OWN blog

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