Humanities Homework Wednesday

  • Make your categories for this year’s blog posts. (Remember the paper is in on my blog on the page¬† “About ESL 8”, scroll down, and there’s a link to the Grade 8 Student Blog Requirements 2011). Then categorize Stolen Party as Humanities8. Tomorrow in class we will do Tags.
  • Bring your paper with the list of words from page 3, left side, of the Noncount document (An alphabetized list of common noncount nouns) – noncount.generic.problem.solution, put into the 10 categories that go with: “Super Sweet Sushi Never Does Later So All Sushi’s Good”. ¬† Study for the Friday quiz.
  • Study for homonyms and prefixes quiz.

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  1. TaeGu says:

    I can’t open noncount.generic.problem.solution it says the plug in has block

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