Support Homework

Write your self-reflection on your blog. Don’t do a list, but instead write sentences that clearly explain your strengths and growth areas. Make sure you understand the literary devices. The document with all of them, along with their definitions, is on my blog on the support page. The file is called literary.devices.¬†¬† Read it and […]

Humanities Homework

Go to The Top Ten Inventions . Read them all and do a bit more research on the Internet about what makes the invention important. Then place your vote for which you choose to be the most important and why. Respond with your vote as a comment to this blog.  

Humanities Homework Monday

Finish the Debriefing paper from the Factory Game and bring Wednesday to class.

Support Homework

If you have given your presentation, I suggest you write your blog post in which you reflect upon your areas of strength and your areas for improvement. The category for the post is ESL and the tag for the post is metacognition Keep reading Come ready to give your presentation Tuesday if you’ve not yet […]

Humanities Homework Friday

Study for your homonyms and prefixes quiz Have a great weekend

Homework Humanities Thursday

Look in my Diigo account under Tags. Find four tags that represent grammar and writing areas that you need to work on. Tomorrow in class you will spend time working on online quizzes in your personal areas of weakness. Study for the noncount quiz tomorrow. Remember: Monday is the prefixes and homonyms quiz.

Humanities Homework Wednesday

Make your categories for this year’s blog posts. (Remember the paper is in on my blog on the page¬† “About ESL 8”, scroll down, and there’s a link to the Grade 8 Student Blog Requirements 2011). Then categorize Stolen Party as Humanities8. Tomorrow in class we will do Tags. Bring your paper with the list […]

Humanities Homework Tuesday

Remember: you must post your Stolen Party literary analysis on your blog by 8:00 am on Wednesday morning. Bring your toy to class Wednesday morning. Make sure to time how long it took to make your beautiful product. Your quiz on noncount categories and words will be on Friday. You will need to list all […]

Support Homework Monday

Continue to plan your literary devices presentation, to be delivered Friday in class. Remember: you need to allow your ‘students’ to practice, play a game, sing a song, draw sketches to remember,¬† quiz them, or in some other way make your presentation clearly understandable and memorable so that you know they understand what your device […]

Humanities Homework Monday

Rewrite the literary analysis for “The Stolen Party” and post it to your blog by Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. at the latest. If you have questions, come ask me in person. Do not email me another draft please. Instead, post it to your blog after you have made the changes. I will grade them on […]

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