Homework Humanities Monday

Read 249-275 in Feed.

Answer the following two questions, responding as comments to this post (due tomorrow, Tuesday):

1. On pages 252-255 Titus shuts out Violet. Why is he behaving in this manner?¬† Read Titus’ “rant” on page 271 that starts with “No-I can’t field this” and ends with “You know? You know?” Why is he saying these heartless things when he knows Violet is dying?

2. On pages 272-273 Violet gets angry. Reread the part at the bottom of 272 that starts with “Do you know why the Global Alliance…(and ends with) That’s our way.” Which aspects of what she says are somewhat true today? What seems to be the tone in her voice? What do you think she believes youth should do? What do you think is the responsibility of youth regarding these issues?

Remember to come with your list from the Myths of Globalization


  1. SooBin says:

    On page 252-255, Titus‚Äôs reaction to Violet‚Äôs messages was strange. Also on page 271, he said heartless things even though he knows Violet‚Äôs dying. I think he behaved these ways because he started to look at her like someone who is not a human anymore as her feed is destroying her like “zombie”.

    The aspect that Violet said is somewhat true today. Some people still don’t know that Earth is dying because of humans. Also even though many people are now aware of danger in Earth, they don’t know what to do. In feed, she strongly said in frustrating tone that the youth should stop wasting time doing such things like making fake lesions and going to parties. In my opinion, my thought is similar to Violet’s but not exactly. I agree with her that the youth should make the right choices like buying stuffs that are only necessary or not overusing the water. However if we just follow these things that are just good for the Earth and no entertainment for our own lives, everyone will be bored about living.

  2. Seonye says:

    A1/ P253-255, Titus is doing really strange to Violet. He became a so different person. I think Titus can’t feel as in the past to Violet. Because Titus became to know Violet is dying, and he thinks that Violet is not human anymore. With this, I thought Violet is really poor and angry to Titus who became really different than the past.
    A2/ The sentences which Violet said to Titus were that Global Alliances are being bigger, but nobody is not trying to solve the problem for it. Because, some of the people don’t know that global alliances are becoming bigger by human. And if the other knows, they don’t want to solve the question. They do just play as sledding, tea parties etc. Actually, I agree that the people should know that Global Alliances are becoming by the human. I could imagine that Violet was embarrased and angry so her face turned red and would be scream to Titus. And for the youth, I think they should think again what thing which can help to solve the Global Alliance.

  3. dongkyu says:

    1. I think since the backgrounds that Titus and Violet came from are different, their ways of seeing and understanding something is quite different. Titus had been undergoing these understanding other’s points of view for a while, which originally mismatches his personality. So Titus behaved in this manner shown on pages 252-255 and 271, because he had enough of it, and doesn’t want to bother himself again.
    2. Her tone was so intense and aggressive that it seems like she’s really angry at something. Also she mentioned people not knowing anything about lost suburbs, fallen off skin, also the Global Alliance pointing weapons at the United States. Through these points, I felt that, she thinks that young people should work or study something at least not to worsen the situation and the environment anymore.

  4. Viola says:

    1. At the pages where Titus shuts out Violet, is I think because he is scared of Violets death. He wants to be with her, and not only go back to the memories, he is thinking of the future. On page 271 he is saying these heartless things, because he loves her, and he he is afraid of loosing Violet. He is not meaning to be rude, and I think he didn’t mean those things he said, but he wants to live a life they used to live.

    2. Violet mentions that the earth is dead, and right now, we are making the earth look dead. And we have tea parties with our teddies, we don’t really care what is going on around us. With that she wants us to hear, that we should care about the world, and not only about our selves. She is angry because we don’t understand that the world s dying. She wants us to raise awareness, and not do what the feed is telling us to do and buy more and more things. We should care, and we will live.

    That is what my understanding and thinking is about what I read in feed in these few pages.

  5. Viola says:

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  6. Yun-Han Wang says:

    In several pages, Titus was being rude to Violet and behaved in a strange manner (pages 252-225). He even said a lot of heartless things in a discourteous way when he already knew that Violet is dying (page 271). Since Violet’s feedware system is damaged, I think the reason why Titus behaved badly in these pages is because maybe there are some problems going on in his feedware system, too.

    I felt that Violet’s tone was so drastic and focused on something. In the book, she thinks that people are not aware of a lot of things, such as the Global Alliance pointing all the weaponry at their disposal at them, lesions, and the lost of suburbs. I think that she is trying to tell the young people to control the situation of the environment; in fact, she also said that the earth is dead.

  7. cwkim says:

    Overall of pages 253-255, I felt Titus is being tired of making balance between normal habits of feed that he has been used to, and new revolution that Violet. He knows that Violet is dying because of feed. However, he might try not to love Violet. Because he knows that Violet is leaving from him. This is a guess but he might try to prepare for his mind.
    I think Violet is mad about the fact that people are not caring the world. As the usual. They are just playing without any goals. So they don’t think. They just do whatever feed order. So they don’t have any strength to think and decide about the current problems. She thinks that young people should make a revolution to save their earth and future. As they are not interested the effects of global alliance but parties and stuffs.

  8. Yun-Lin Wang says:

    1. Titus changed his behavior, and acted strangely to Violet. Even though he knew that Violet is dying, but he was being rude, and said heartless things to her (Page271). I think Titus’s feedware might make him say things that he don’t really want to say from his true heart, meaning something is going wrong with his feedware.

    2. In pages 272-273, Violet was very angry and also worried about something that is important, but people is not paying much attention to. The thing that she is worried about might be people’s brain with the feed cannot think, and cause a lot of harmful things to the world without any solutions. I think she is trying to tell people that future people should not use feed, because it gives you a lot of problems(She is now facing with a lot conflicts with her feedware), and once people have the feedware, they became people who have a brain, but cannot think.

  9. tpark says:

    (A1) On page 252~255, I found that Titus was behaving really rude to Violet. He talked heartless all the time. I think Titus knows that Violet is dying, so that’s he was acting really strange to her. One thing that I predict was that, Titus could have a problem to his feed like Violet.

    (A2) On page 272~273, Violet was talking to Titus about Global Alliance are getting bigger and destroys the Earth, however nobody didn’t try to solve this problem. When Violet was talking to Titus, her face was really red and she was angry at people. She thought it is embarrassing, because we are buying stuffs without thinking correctly and overusing water. About the youth, people should think about to solve the problem about how this can help for Global Alliance.

  10. junholee says:

    1. I think when Titus found that Violet is dying; he might want to erase whole experience with her. He love Violet so much that he is behaving badly to erase her name is his mind. But the only problem is Violet can’t understand Titus’s behavior.
    2. I could imagine curse and anger in her voice tone. I could found from her quote that she is angry at something. Lots of people still don’t know that human are polluting environment. They are not coming up with solutions or new fresh ideas. The people In “Feed” they are keep polluting and massing up their environment. I think this is the reason why her voice tone was kind angry.

  11. Minji says:

    I think Titus shut out Violet because he realized that she was different from him ever since she called Quendy a monster. She was trying to rely on him-sending him memories and sharing her troubles- and he found it too much. I think he started to doubt why he had to keep up with her when he felt like he had less connection with her. On page 271, he said heartless things to her. I think it was because he was scared of her death and losing balance between his normal life and his life with Violet. I think he has been thought about it and became very confused so he vented his mixed-up emotion on her.
    On pages 272-273, Violet got angry. Her tone was aggressive, brisk, and somewhat sarcastic. What she said is similar to today’s phenomenon. Often, young people do not know what is going on around the world. Sometimes they do not even know about what their own country is facing. I think she believes that youth should be aware of what is happening and care about it so they will try to fix the problem later on. I agree with her.

  12. WooJin says:

    1) On pages 252 to 255 and page 271, I think he behaved badly to Violet because he is tried to be calm and keeps his presence of mind. He still loves her and wants to be with her. I don’t think he ignored or really bad at her.

    2) Violet said the global alliances are getting bigger and stronger. At that time, her tons were so nervous and intense that she was focused and angry at something, because people don’t care about global alliances and play with themselves. Also, they do not think about world situation.

  13. JiYoon says:

    1) I think Titus refuses Violet because his point of view and Violet’s are different. They had some arguments since violet started her new project and it was about how severe the problems are. However Titus, who never think in a way like Violet, he cannot understand about it. He is not familiar with the deep thinking process. Basically Titus and Violet are seeing same thing, but have different thoughts about it. And I personally think that Titus didn’t want Violet to be so serious about everything because he always wants to play. Therefore He thinks he cannot change Violet and he is fed up with all the serious things. Also, he is probably thinking that he is afraid of the death of the violet. So, all the things are combining together and create an idea that he should shut the Violet. Maybe Titus thought that all the things that he did for Violet such as waking up in the dawn or listening to her or help her with her new project was worth nothing. Since he knows that Violet will die soon, he doesn’t want to waste his time on her. He is busy playing with his friend.
    2) In that part of the story. Violet is really angry at something. Something that people should realize. She believes that majority of young people don’t know what is going around the world, therefore make wrong decisions. Since those people who make wrong decisions are people who will lead our world, they should think more about what they are doing. If they’ve been making wrong decisions all the time, when they are facing the difficulties in their lifetime or facing problems in the world, it is easy to know that they will make wrong decisions again. She is worrying about it, and really angry about they are not changing.

  14. Hayoung says:

    1) From page 252 through 255, Titus started behaving impolite to Violet. I predicted that Titus’s behavior was because of his tiredness of understanding Violet, who has a damaged feed. Another reason was, he knew Violet would die because of the feed, so he was so upset to face her. In page 271, Titus also said heartless things to Violet. I think it is all because of the memories that they had together. In my opinion, Titus wanted to delete the memories to forget her. Then he would be not able to be upset about her anymore.

    2) In page 272 through 273, Violet talked about the situations of the Earth. When she talked about it, I could feel that she was serious and the problems were getting worse from her powerful tone without any pauses. I think she was trying to say that these days most of the youths are spending their times just for themselves. Therefore, she wanted youth to be more serious and pay attention to the earth problems. And stop falling into leisure and damage them. As the results, I think the earth problems depend on the youths, who will lead the world. If they don’t have any responsibility about it, they would be not able to survive and bequeath the world to another generation.

  15. abourcieu says:

    On page 252-255, Titus‚Äôs reaction to Violet‚Äôs messages was strange. Also on page 271, he said heartless things even though he knows Violet‚Äôs dying. I think Titus is saying these things because he only wanted to go out with her for one to two months, and that she now is dying, he didn’t really wanted to be included in this and see her die.

    2:The global Alliance is everyday getting larger and more powerful. And people don’t even care, they just mind their own business. She also said that the problems on earth where really bad with a very serious attitude to make Titus understand.

  16. ypercik says:

    I think Titus acts like he does because he is tired of Violet’s different offers and maybe he doesn’t want to be sad when she’ll die. I think he is very sad right now. He want Violet to treat him is some way but Violet treats him in a totally different way. And he doesn’t like Violet as much as she likes him.
    I think what Violet says is half correct because, although or world is much polluted, we still have clean water and many forests. Today, our world is not AS polluted like the book describes. I think violet was talking is this asking voice that is hoping for help and mentioning the different things we do to harm the world. And in the same time, the blaming voice that tells us that all this pollution is our fault. Her point is that we are, the young people are the people who can change the world and stop all this pollution from appearing. When we read this book today, and we can picture the world like the book does, I wouldn’t like to live in this world. The book is for the youth of today. It is a massage for us to try, and do everything so we won’t live in this polluted future world.

  17. skwon says:

    1. Maybe because Titus already can imagine Violet dying and maybe he is so sad and can’t believe that she is dying or because he knows that she will going to do whatever he does, that’s his way to let her go and live without her when she dies.

    2. As Violet said the Earth is dead, well in reality, we are destroying the environment. ‘We enjoy being young. We take what’s coming to us.’ This statement is so true for example, some of teenagers really just go play and stuff and don’t care about what is happening just like teenagers in ‘Feed’.

    To me, her tone of her voice seems like she really know what is going on with their lives and what might destroy them all.

    First Feed doesn’t really help and people should understand what is going on around them. Stop being childish and play all the time enjoying being young and live and accept with what is coming to them doesn’t matter if those things that are coming to them is negative or positive

  18. kos says:

    When Coming to an end with the book, we could notice that something had changed in Titus personality, the first love of his life have serious health conditions that might cause her to die. Instead of being carrying and supportive Titus is being selfish and heartless towards Violet. I think Titus is just scared of the reality, I mean he probably don’t know what death and pain is because of his feed that project only positive things.

    Talking about the global Alliances with Titus, Violet definitely had a serious tone that emphasized the subject that seemed as a really serious matter to her. She hopes that the future generation will try to solve the problem by studying and become independent from the feed.

  19. Misato says:

    A1) Titus shut out Violet because he discovered that he and she was completely different person from the beginning.„ÄÄTitus was fit perfectly into the Feed world, and Violet criticized everything he does, his thinking, and his friends according to her knowledge. They could not understand each other like dog and cat. It was inevitable to their friendship be ruined by refusing as they became to know more information about themselves.
    A2) she said that alliance of companies made young people stupid by Feed in an angry, aggressive tone.„ÄÄCompanies earning more money than government by too much advertisement, and globalization helping produce more goods are true, now. The young people should have their own thinking and support society, not change their brains and obey company with no thinking. But the youth in that future world do not change. The shout of People like Violet are very powerless in that world, thus anyone came to know it or go against.

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