Humanities Homework

If I emailed you regarding missing books, please bring them back tomorrow. Then, you can bask in the glory of having done a superlative job in your future project (unless you are one of the people still presenting tomorrow…)

Support Homework

Please post your story on your blog. Then, in a separate posting, write everything you have learned in support about 1. reading 2. writing You can do it in a list or narrative form. This is for you and me. When you have been away for two months, and it’s time to come back to […]

Humanities Homework Monday

If you have any books or anything else that belong to the school (aside from your independent reading book, which you may keep for now), please turn them in. If you are in support, remember your journal and story are DUE tomorrow. Bring your project, along with enough rubrics for everyone in the class (10 […]

Humanities Homework Monday

I can’t wait to see your projects on Tuesday! That of course means work hard this weekend. You will need to send me a copy of your rubric on Monday. Also please bring in copies for each of your classmates to score you (bring Monday so you don’t forget for Tuesday). Put the power words […]

Homework Thursday

Think about what format you will be using for your project. Be ready to decide tomorrow. Look at several rubrics here, and here too tonight. You can try to look at rubrics in my website under the quarters as well. Here’s one you can look at and incorporate too.Final Project Rubric Finish your dystopian/utopian chart. […]

Support Wednesday

Please bring a copy of your story, printed, the most recent draft, when you come to class. Try to have the entire story first draft finished, with a full plot developed.

Homework Wednesday

Look at the red highlights and comments in your globalization is good essay and fix them. Tomorrow when you come to class, have your dystopian/utopian plan all finished. We will determine the format and make our rubrics tomorrow.

Humanities Homework Wednesday

Due on Monday: Write three analogies – Titus is like _________________ because ____________________. Violet is like ______________ because ______________________. Living with the feed is like _____________ because _________________. 2. Write a short vignette about life in the land of the feed. It does not need a plot. It can be told in the first or […]

Support Homework Tuesday

Spend at least 30 minutes writing your story at home before I see you again. Email it to yourself and put it on a flash drive so you can keep working on it (or write it in a googledoc so you don’t need to worry about it, and invite me). Keep reading your independent book.

Homework Humanities Tuesday

1. Read pages 276-294 in Feed 2. Due Friday: Write a persuasive essay taking a side on the question of “Is globalization good?” Make sure to include an introduction (hook, and thesis), body, and conclusion. Include an acknowledgement of the other side’s point of view and rebut it. Post it on your blog, but first […]

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