Support Friday

Keep working on your story. Work on it at least twice over the weekend and send it to yourself so you can keep working in class. Remember our discussion of the power of the adjectives, verbs, and analogies you use to establish character and place. Keep reading and make sure to keep up your reading […]

Humanities Friday

Read pages 229-248 in Feed Read the 10 Myths of Globalization and bring them as a list of bullet points, summarizing each in your own words.

Humanities Homework Thursday

read pages 215-228 in Feed

Humanities Wednesday

Read up until page 214 in Feed. Finish your presentation about your TED talk. Bring it on a flash drive and email it to yourself if it’s a powerpoint. Remember: you can also make presentations in googledocs and show them here. It should include a summary of the key points, as well as future ramifications […]

Support Homework Wednesday

Read pages 34 – 37 in the 5FactsofFiction packet. Come with an example similar to how Jeremy has been worked up on page 35. (people, places, things, ideas, this is a world where…). Remember, the key is to highlight the important elements of each of these. You can’t describe everything. What matters?

Support Homework

Work on your character some more. Read pages 30 and 31 in the packet, and work on DoSayThinkFeel, for either four events for your protagonist, or 2 for your protagonist and 2 for your antagonist, or 2 for your protagonist, and 1 each for some supporting characters if your antagonist is not a person.

Humanities Homework

Feed: read through page 189. Compare/contrast School (TM) with school now. What is the same and different in terms of goals, structure, routines, social interactions. Make sure you’ve finished your skyscrapers of the future.

Humanities Homework Monday

Read Feed through page 172. Bring two things in the section that seem positive and two negative. Be ready to talk about them. Finish posting in the googledoc about singularity.  

Humanities Homework Thursday

Please read Feed through page 147. Be ready with your Singularity 3-column grid when you come to class on Monday.

Support Wednesday Homework

If you still owe me a journal, make sure to bring it. In the 5FactsofFiction, look over page 22, what does your character really want? Look over the themes of memoirs, and determine what’s really going on for your character. Work out the Transition/Action/Details paper on page 26. Bring it with you to class, or […]

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