Humanities Monday

Continue working on your poem (anti-war) and be ready to share your first draft tomorrow.

Support Homework

Send me your edited memoir this weekend.

Humanities Friday

1. If you have not posted your edited Striped Pajamas essay on your own blog, please do so right away. 2. Continue to study phrasal verbs. 3. Write your war poem. Bring a first draft, ready to talk about, on Monday.

Humanities Wednesday

Work to finish your World Leader want ad. You will only get five minutes tomorrow to post it, so you must finish it tonight. Make sure to include: * Job description. What will this person be in charge of? What is the purpose of the position? * Qualifications: What personality, skills, understandings about the world […]

Striped Pajamas thoughts

How do the various characters in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas experience conflict? What is the author trying to say about the nature of conflict and human experience in this book? NOTE: “…every successful piece of nonfiction should leave your reader with one provocative thought that he or she didn’t have before. Not two […]

Support Homework Tuesday

1. Come ready to share your memoir with someone else on Thursday, using the checklist. 2. Start thinking about your next memoir. What will it be about? 3. Also begin to consider what other genre you want to write your short story in. 4. Consider whether you would like to read a dystopian novel with […]

Homework Humanities

1. Finish Boy in the Striped PJs. Be ready to talk and/or write about it in the context of the essential questions that you worked with in googledocs today. 2. How to write a want ad: (under conflict on my diigo). It won’t work if I give you the link, so go to Diigo and […]

Humanities Monday Homework

1. Boy in the Striped Pajamas: you must be finished by Wednesday. This is a one-day extension. Make sure you are finished. 2. Write a self-evaluation of your POP research paper on your blog. Make sure to use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Comment upon the following questions: A. What did you learn about writing […]

Blog entry analysis

Look through the middle east conflict postings from last Thursday. If you were to give awards for the following, which blog would win each award and why? 1. Causes for dissatisfaction (really helps you to understand why the people in the country are unhappy) 2.Taking you there (really helps you to understand what is going […]


Remember: you have until Sunday morning at 8 am to send me your memoir for a grade. Secondly, we have all agreed to go with two notes for every two day rotation on the reading journal, but it will be more developed. What thoughts will help you become a better writer and a more insightful […]

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