Humanities Homework Tuesday

1. Phrasal verbs test Thursday

2. Recite anti-war poem Thursday

3. Tonight: write one paragraph answering this question: What has Loretta Napoleoni helped you to understand about terrorism? Please don’t start the lead sentence “Loretta Napoleoni helped me to understand…”. Instead make an interesting lead, hook, and thesis that states the most important big idea, then back it up with sentences of support, and finish with a conclusion that looks to the future. Post it as a comment to this post.

4. Finish the Listening exercise paper about the Naxalites if you have not yet done so.


  1. Viola says:

    Loretta Napoleoni gave a fascinating talk about her opportunity to speak with members an Italian terrorist group, the Red Brigades. She interacted with another terrorist group, and almost they are mostly the same. “The heads of terrorist groups are very, very smart people.” Terrorist groups use different tactics to get what they want, and that is money. The most economical powerful groups are the Taliban, and the Al Qaeda, which are very dangerous and a model to most terrorists.

  2. kos says:

    Loretta Napoleoni taught me so much new things about a subject that I never had the opportunity to develop at school. From the terrorist economic view system to the essential resolutions to end terrorism, Loretta impressed me with her creative ideas and creative expressions; this helped me understand that terrorism is more than people exploding themselves. I admit that before, I didn’t know why they acted this way. I then understood what terrorism is all about; it is certainly not completely based on violence. For example; during a war obviously many people will die, this is an act of violence. In this case, this directly excludes terrorism. It is more like a revolutionary act, an act that terrorist do that for a cause and attention because their governments seem to ignore or not focus their struggle and problems. I think that we could find a solution if more people would do what she does. Talking with terrorists, revealing secret information for our own overall knowledge. This requires extreme courage and confidence, If more people follow her we would be able to find a solution to terrorism.

  3. hvardi says:

    Loretta Napoleoni had interacted with many different terrorist groups. They were all same with the idea of what to do and how, but they were in some ways a bit different. Most of the terrorist groups did not tell her new things and of course they did not tell her their secrets. “Generally the heads of terrorist groups are very, very smart people” she claims. Some of the terrorists said that if they had the opportunity they wouldn‚Äôt have done what they did. For some of the terrorist groups there is funding and this may result a more powerful group. The people that regret about what they did are so sad their life is totally destroyed. Loretta Napoleoni does regret sometimes about what she chose as a job, but inside herself she feels like she was meant to do it.

  4. SooBin says:

    It is rare for a woman to research on terrorism and interview the terrorists. However, Loretta Napoleoni is an exceptional. Despite of the danger, she has interviewed many terrorist groups such as Al-Zarqawl and Amman. Therefore I learned easily that terrorism is not just about violence, politics or religions. Every terrorist has different reasons why they decided to join the terrorist groups. For example, Loretta got a chance to meet a person from the Red Brigades. He said he joined the group to be part of something. This showed me how much sad and lonely he was. However this shouldn’t happen in the future because a wrong decision can ruin the person’s life. Thus the government should open their eyes widely and listen to everyone’s voices.

  5. ypercik says:

    I live in Israel, therefore, I’m familiar with terror because or previous terror attacks. I could relate to the topic, but I didn’t really knew about the different tactics, money and the globalization. Loretta Napoleoni made all this topic very clear, without too many difficult words. I learn about the different group of terror and the way they think. I learned there is a profile for a terrorists and how quiet they are; nobody can tell if they are terrorist or not until they attack. Everything has to do something with money; they get money, then, go and bomb some place or someone and get more money. Then again over and over again.

  6. Hayoung says:

    Knowing about terrorism is unusual for women. Learning about terrorism from Loretta Napoleoni, who gave a helpful speech about them was a good choice. I learned few of big ideas through the answers that she replied. She broke down my stereotype of terrorism. I thought their task was just bombing the country and giving damage to people to tell them that they are exist. Another job was earning money. The money that they earned was used for weapons and their families. Terrorism is dogged about accomplishing their duties. I noticed it when she said terrorist were fine with living in the jail because, their goal is just achieving their goal. They are not afraid of anything even the death for their tasks. She also compared between a cult leader and a head of the terrorism to show how much the terrorism leader was smart and great manipulator. Because of this kind of leader, some terrorists had to follow him, even though they didn’t know what was going on. Being an under the manipulator leader and the mind of accomplishing the tasks affects the global economic. Therefore, I should think about it seriously.

  7. jiyoon says:

    Loretta Napoleoni made me think about how to look at one thing with different views by her excellent speech. I kept asking myself if my thought was too simple. She taught me lots of interesting facts about the economics of terrorists. Moreover, I learned how terrorists affect differently in these days and what should we do. First of all, she taught me that terrorism is not criminal things, however becoming a business. Also, I shocked when she said that only the leader knows what is happening, because what I thought about the terrorism, working as a group and achieve their goals was not correct. Some terrorists are working because of the money. She made me think that terrorists are not really group workers, but blind money finders. She mentioned that all secrets surrounding the terrorism are getting dangerous. As the terrorism is becoming a business, they are earning tons of money. Additionally, the most powerful terrorists in the world, Taliban and Al Qaeda, also FARC are not only criminals, but the models of the other terrorists. She believes that it is right to stop them. By her speech, I could understand much deeper about the terrorism and how serious the problems are.

  8. junholee says:

    When Loretta Napoleoni started talk I felt like she brings me into the world of terror. I didn’t know anything about terror and how horrible it is. But through this speech a learned lots of things. When she explained us about most of terrorist groups were made by company, I was shocked and I started think that maybe one of the Korean company also made a group… she makes me think lots of things. I also learned that there are many types of terrorism which are crime and terror. In this day, many terrorist are doing crime. They have no goals and they just kill people and take money from that. This part I shocked. I didn’t know that how terrorism is serious in this world. I love her speech and I learned lots of things.

  9. abourcieu says:

    Loretta Napoleoni really is captivating when telling and explaining her experiences. Also, the informations she tells us are clear and understandable. She mostly talked about what where the calcifications to be a terrorist, like accepting any orders and have a simple mind. Terrorists are alway living in secret, and sometimes panic. Terrorists groups always use different tactics and often import goods from a place that is extremely hard to find or to guess which one it is. You can get a lot of money by being a terrorist, but you also have to find some.

  10. dongkyu says:

    What pictures go through your mind when you imagine the word “terrorism” in your head? Probably, various weapons ruined building and brutally wounded people. However, that does not represent the word terrorism sincerely. According to Loretta Napoleoni who is an expert of the connections between terrorism and economy, terrorism is actually a type of business. Business should always have workers that are working, leaders ordering and products produced. Terrorism is a big and also dangerous business having terrorists as its workers, bosses as its leaders and service of bombing as their products. The deal is simple; a government supports a terrorism organization for some missions to complete. Then that organization buys weapons and pays money to their terrorists to complete that. However the most frightening point is that, terrorist used methods that are as same as other economic system has to develop the business name terrorism. Thus, we need to keep our eye on what is going on, and trying to see some situations in other’s point of view because no one guarantee you that what you see and understand is 100% right.

  11. Skown says:

    Have you ever seen a woman researching about terrorists and who actually had some experiences within terrorists? Loretta Napoleoni had some experiences within terrorists and has researched on them. Even though there were some other things that she told at the speech, but the most interesting one was three ways of terrorists getting money. They are states sponsor terrorism, privatization, and globalization. When those three steps are together, it is hard to track them down. Therefore governments have to have solutions to stop them. If they don’t have any ways to control them, there are going to be more and more terror which can give huge impact on countries and maybe to the whole world. Overall her speech was far reaching to my thinking and I have actually made some changes of my responses about terrorists.

  12. cwkim says:

    Terrorists are brainwashed. Even though the terrorists don’t know what is the main goal of their gang. They just follow the orders that have been given to them. Even though they end their life in the jail, or by punishment from the government, if they have accomplished their goals, they are just satisfied with the results they have done. because their whole life is for only the goal of their gang. If their religion directs them to kill people, they kill people for granted. They don’t feel anything. They are forced to believe all the things that directed by the leader of cult, even though they don’t know how they are doing cruel things. In the future, terrorist will rule the country if people just ignore the happening in the world. In order to stop them, people should interrupt their economy. There are many effeorts needed to stop them. The whole gang of the terrorists would be destroyed if their economy had destroyed.

  13. tpark says:

    Before I learn terrorism, I did not know about almost anything about it. When I think terrorist I thought they are one of the group who are killing people. However after, Loretta Napoleoni taught me I could understand about them. First of all, Loretta Napoleoni is an expert of terrorism, she met Italian terrorist and interviewed them. Her first ideas were they are almost same, that mean is they have similar strategies, leaders are smart, some time tries to earn money and get drug in perfect export country like Colombia. Second idea was that, terrorism are one of business to earn money, they tried to earn money all the time. The usually working really secretly and have a lot of secret to them. They have most power around world, because they can bomb everywhere. I got surprised about her friend was a part of terrorist group and that made me people never tell about terrorist. As a result I learned about how terrorist are working and deep stories about them.

  14. WooJin says:

    The great speak about “Terrorism” from Loretta Napoleoni remind me to have a question, “what the situations of terrorism are and how large part does it take from the world?” Before the amazing talk, I thought the terrorism is the organization to kill people for their own goods and pride. However, through her points, terrorism is the business. They kill and bomb for their families or for their groups because, when they get money from the government they give it to their families and buy weapons. They only obey to their leader, the only person who knows what will happen next. Also, she talked does she regret decision that she changed her life to study terrorism. During studying about terrorism, first she thought it is what she has to do and really excited about it, but through interviewing terrorists’ people, it is very depressing to see those humanity. Totally, there are infinite of dark sides and they are always watching the world.

  15. Seonye says:

    I was surprised at the terrorists. Because I hadn’t hear like this about terrorism. In her reports/ speech, I was so surprised at there were her friend in the terrorist organization as a leader. With this, I could get there are many terrorists arround us too, and for a knowledge, I could get what is the terrorism, where is the most powerful place for the terrorism, and what happens is being in terrorism now. I didn‚Äôt know what the terrorism is exactly. Because, I just heard by news for shorts, and I never tried to find about it. But this time, I could notice that the cause, definition of the terrorism. Also especially, I noticed why terrorism is really dangerous than I thought .

  16. Yun-Han Wang says:

    Does your closest friend tell you everything without keeping any secrets? Loretta Napoleoni had experienced the situation when her friend kept secrets. In addition, terrorists do the same thing, so it is hard to identify who is a terrorist. Terrorists won’t tell you things that they shouldn’t tell. They only talk about the things that belonged to the past or already known. Everything is private; and wouldn’t tell their friends or family members no matter how close they are. Terrorism can happen everywhere, and a terrorist may be besides you.

  17. Yun-Lin Wang says:

    What kind of people uses violence to have their voice being heard? It is terrorists. Terrorists usually keep all the things private, and make it hard for people to identify them. Loretta Napoleoni had an experience. She had a friend who kept secrets, and did not tell her that she was a terrorist. She only knew that on the day when she was arrested. If terrorists keep on using violence for their ideology, the world will be full of blood. People should use other ways to solve the problems without using violence.

  18. Misato says:

    I learned that most terrorisms at now are bombing people for money, not for politics or ideology. I was shoked because I thought that all terrorists bombs buildings to show how they are angry about government or other ideology. Loretta Napoleoni changed my thinking. Killing lots of people indiscriminately for money is really unfair, completely. Moreover, she said that some country person are supporting terrorists, and that profits also supporting its country, and the World economy. Hearing it aroused mixed feelings in me. The terrorists uses lot of money for bomb, and get a lot of money from a client. When the government could stop the terrorism, what will happen to the world economy? Is it possible?

  19. Minji says:

    Terrorism is about economy. Most people would question that because they think it is about politics and ideology. However, Loretta Napoleoni presents a new way of viewing terrorism. It was started to accomplish their ideology but it eventually became a big business, the goal changed to maintain it. It has its world that has been developed in the same stages as ours. As globalization takes place, terrorist organization also started to interact with each other. She states that countries have to stop considering terrorism as a threat to national security because it is not that none of these organizations have power to destroy a state. It is important to note that what we know is not always right.

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