Humanities over the vacation

Have a great WOW! Have a great spring break too… Remember, have your Loretta Napoleoni post by Monday on your blog. Also put your self-reflection from your anti-war poem reading on your blog.  

Humanities Homework Wednesday

1. The anti-war poem recital has been moved to Friday. 2. The rewrite of the Loretta Napoleoni economics of terrorism TED talk and blog analysis is due April 11th (the first day back from spring break), on your blog, as close to perfect as you can get it, in grammar, conventions, and structure/content. 3. Phrasal […]

Humanities Homework Tuesday

1. Phrasal verbs test Thursday 2. Recite anti-war poem Thursday 3. Tonight: write one paragraph answering this question: What has Loretta Napoleoni helped you to understand about terrorism? Please don’t start the lead sentence “Loretta Napoleoni helped me to understand…”. Instead make an interesting lead, hook, and thesis that states the most important big idea, […]

Humanities Homework Monday

Remember to read over the section you have been assigned on the Q&A economics of terrorism page. Your job is to paraphrase the meaning of what you read, and to be ready to answer questions. Finish the Listening Exercises paper we started in class if you haven’t. You will need to read your anti-war poem […]

Bilingual Brochure: reminder

Reminder: draft #1 of the bilingual brochure is due Tuesday, 22nd March.

Support Thursday

Read a lot this weekend, and start planning your next memoir. Remember, you are allowed to write a piece of fiction if you like. If you choose to do so, let’s talk about the resources you’ll need for that.

Thursday Humanities

No homework. I’m sorry. What will you do with all of that free time?

Humanities Homework Wednesday

1. Fill in the Questions for Listening Exercises, but do it for the four slides on the History of Terrorism that we read in class. 2. Post your anti-war poem. 3. If you are in support, you need to send a digital copy of your memoir to me. You also need to post it on […]

Support Homework

Send me your edited memoirs. It’s best if you send them today or tonight (Wednesday), the sooner the better. Please also post them on your blogs.

Humanities Homework Tuesday

The anti-war poems are looking good. If you have been assigned a person to edit, please do so. If not, continue to edit it on your own as desired. When you’re ready, paste it on your blog. It’s due Thursday morning at 8 am at the very latest. It needs to be up and running […]

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