Humanities Homework Tuesday

Be ready to write your “Causes of World War I” essay question paragraph tomorrow. Remember, it is not a list but instead it will be a paragraph, with a lead and concluding sentence and analysis in the middle. Write your first body paragraph for your POP paper tonight.

Support Homework Monday

Come with your first draft of your memoir finished, or at least much closer. Keep reading. I will ask you to turn in your reading journal on Wednesday.

Humanities Homework Monday

1. Continue with your research 2. Look over the rest of the Powerpoint about the causes of World War I. Write four questions that you have.

Support Homework Friday

We do have support on Monday. Some of you need to show me your memoir. Make sure you’re keeping up with your reading journal.

Humanities Friday

1. Look at the feedback I’ve given you about your Chanda analysis and consider how you can learn from it. 2. Finish your research cards. Then go into the POP page on this blog and fill out the Body Paragraphs outline. Bring it Monday.

Humanities Homework Thursday

1. Keep researching and bring in your cards, organized into paragraphs, tomorrow in class. 2. What did you learn from Chris Crutcher about writing and telling stories that you want to remember? Post your response on your blog. Also, comment upon at least two other peoples’ blog posts regarding what they have written. In case […]

Tuesday Humanities Homework

Continue research. You should have about 2/3 of it done, and many of you are not close, so please try to find as much as you can this week. Bring the food for the ESL bake sale to Ms. Brown’s room in the morning. If it needs refrigeration please label it as such.

Support Homework Monday

Remember to make at least four sticky notes in your journal about your reading. Keep working on your memoir. We’ll read another memoir on Wednesday. Please review the characteristics of a good memoir on the support page before you come to class.

Humanities Monday

Research 🙂

Humanities Homework Friday

1.Bring all of your note-cards on Monday, sorted into paragraphs. Go over with Ms. Brown. 2. Chanda analysis due Monday. Don’t post it on your blog. Instead post it as a comment to this post so that we can look at them together. 3. Post your sentence combining activity about Big Bear Lake on your […]

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