Humanities Homework

Work on your POP. I want to emphasize that you really need to get in there and edit. Look at the editing checklist, and the grading rubric (which is in your POP packet and on the POP blog up at the top of the page on the tab ‘Research Paper’). I did not edit every single teeny error for you. You need to show that you can apply everything you have learned this year to edit to the best of your ability. Make sure your citations and your works cited are correct. Make sure your color coding is correct. Read my edits carefully and fix them.

The next draft you send to me after I have edited your five-paragraph one is the FINAL one.

Tomorrow in class you will have time to work on the essay and conference with me. Anyone who doesn’t need to can spend time reading Striped Pajamas. Please make sure to bring the book to class.

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