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What are the central causes of World War I? Explain which you think were most pivotal and why.


  1. JiYoon Kim says:

    World War 1 was an awful war that sacrificed so many citizens. And it was not just a small and unreasonable conflict. There were many terrible situations combined as the World War 1.There are numerous causes of World War 1 such as nationalism, Militarism, or awful government. However, the most pivotal cause of the World War 1 is alliance. Italy, German, and Bulgaria were alliance to each other, and Russia, England was alliance. Majority of people didn’t like a country divided. Also, many rough events were going on between two allies. At first, they thought it was a small mistake that every countries do. But to be a mistake, it seemed like it was on purpose. It was getting worse and worse. The tension was high enough to start a war, and they were all confused by ridiculous events. At last, small but big and terrible events started World War 1; the murder of arch duke Ferdinand.

  2. Viola says:

    As a result of World War 1 there are many central causes to that big mess. People died because their awful government which tried to take over different kinds of Empires, and be worshipped as god. As an example, Russia was beginning to build up an Army in a quick time. Germany though, didn’t like that and were getting nervous; so they started attacking them. They didn’t have a big enough Army so they asked for help. They took the Austrian- Hungarian and the Italian nation to Alliance them, and help to protect their county from the big Army in Russia. On the Other hand, Russia didn’t think they are going to let everything down, so they joined the Military of England and France. The Quote that said they would start the First World War was, to end all wars for once and for all. They didn’t think much when they choose that, because all those causes, Nationalism included; made it just worse. And since there was a second world war too it wasn’t the best Idea to start this big mess and hate.

  3. JunHo Lee says:

    The Essay Question Quiz
    JunHo Lee
    If there was a most bloody, cruel and cold war, then It was World War 1. World War 1 was started in Europe. Many countries joined the war. Lots of soldiers and citizens lost their life. The government was corrupted. They were not caring the country. They were not listening to the citizens. They tried to show off their power to other countries. Also they had alliances. They wanted to get power by make alliances and they attacked lots of countries. They also tried to increase their military than other countries. If the other country increased their military then the other country also increased their military. They didn’t want to be in the 2nd place. There are lots of causes but there is most important thing which caused the war. Alliance was most pivotal which caused the war. For example, let’s pretend that one country was attacking by other 2 countries. 2 countries were in alliance but the country which attacked by 2 countries were enemy. One day 2 countries which were used to in alliance, one country broke the alliance and attacked the country. Suddenly the war started. This is a simple explanation of why the war has started. Lots of countries are in alliance in World War 1 but they started to break the peace and attacked other country and made them into their colonies. That is why World War 1 was started. There were lots of causes which were started the war but, breaking and making the peace was most pivotal.

  4. WooJin says:

    Have you heard about the central causes of World World 1? World War 1 caused harmful poison to the world. At that point, there were 6 details to reason WW1. First, the awful governments were trying to make their own benefits and didn’t care about the nation. So, that people had a poverty and lost their nationality. People that have the power, they had desire to have a war between countries. In addition, nationalism made their country to strong that offer many wars, so that they lost their pride to have a better world. Moreover, imperialism shows many sacrifice for their countries, for example, they had to undergo assassinated and the others life through wars. Furthermore, militarism controlled the countries to have their clouts, for example, when the wars happen, many countries compete with their weapons and war potential. It made war much bigger and bigger to the WW2. Then, alliances was the most attractive part of WW1, because Germany, Austro Hungary were the alliances and England, France, and Italy became three alliances. During WW1 , Russia helped England, France and Italy to fight with Germany, because Russsia was having rival relationship with Germany. Lastly, the events like assassin in Sarajevo made Serbia depressed, that made Serbia and Austro Hugary to have a war. Germany supported Austro Hungary because these two countries were alliances. While Germany was helping Austro Hungary, Russia came out and help Serbia. These kind of cases made war stronger, harsh and no peace till the end.

  5. ypercik says:

    The causes for world war one was complicated. Different countries had alliance with other countries, leaders wanted to take other’s lands, the militaries had new weapons and the death of Franz Ferdinand was the trigger of the war. When a Siberian person killed Franz Ferdinand , which was the trigger for WWI, Austria Hungary attacked Serbia. Then, Russia joined Serbia but Germany didn’t like this idea. Germany had a powerful and large military and the joined Austria- Hungary. Then, France and England joined Russia because they had an alliance between them. Alliances are meant to avoid wars and to protect other countries/ they protect you in case of war. When France and England joined Russia, they had some other alliances which helped them, which helped Russia and Serbia. The industrial revolution just began in that time and militaries used different weapons that other people didn’t know what that is. Germany and Russia paid a lot of money to by weapon during the war. Most of the governments were Autocracies which mean that they had unlimited power and knew how to make people feel good about their (government’s opinions). Imperialism was important and helpful because it gave the country more land and was more useful for wars. The causes for world war one were complicated because countries used different weapons and alliances made countries joined the war.

  6. chaewon kim says:

    Chae won Kim
    Due to many reasons cause the conflict between countries which causes the World War 1. The most pivotal cause was the alliances between countries. Before the World War 1 started, as Austrailia-Hungary made alliances with Germany to protect themselves from the Russia. At that time, Russia was making alliance with Italy to protect themselves from the other allianced country , and to protect their power.Likewise, this division situation leads to make bigger conflict between allianced countries. After building Alliances with countries, they start to build their power with allianced coutries to fight with the other allianced countries , for example Austrailia-Hungary and germany against Russia and Italy. As the number of allianced countries increase (e.g. triple alliance) the conflict will be bigger as the power of countries increase. Sometimes, if a weak country makes alliance with a strong power country, Other strong countries may not attack the weak country, because the strong country might help that weak country. This situation is to make balanced power between countries. There are many causes which brought World War 1, however building alliances between countries is the starting point of starting a war,and represents a signal that the allianced countries want to start the war against other countries. The first huge step forward to the war.

  7. hagar says:

    There are many different causes to World War 1, some of them are inside and most of them are between countries. Militarism was very common before World War 1 had started. Many countries wanted a big army to prevent or win wars, but when the rumors got spread to some of the closer other empires it did not end well. All of the countries wanted to preempt and start a war before the other empire’s army gets too big. When it got to wars between countries some countries wanted to take over some of the other country’s property. People would fight against the enemy and try to prevent them from taking over their property. Alliances were important if a country wanted to prevent one empire taking over its own. But sometimes alliances were broken and wars started. People that didn’t want some empire to start a war with them will break the alliance and help the enemy to start a war with the country they had alliance before. People died, sometime women and children would be homeless because they lost their dad or husband and that’s because of all the wars at that time that caused World War 1 so hard and painful.

  8. Seonye Ji says:

    Actually this war was beginning from a guy who was in the colony from Austria, they shoot a couple of Austrian king’s son. Awful government, nationalism, militarism, alliance etc. But except this, there are many central causes for World War 1. For the most important central causes, there are awful government , nationalism, imperialism, militarism, alliance etc. I thnk alliance was most pivotal. Another things, like awful government, nationalism, imperialism, militarism is also important. Awful government didn’t care about the condition of the people in their country, finally they decided to do a war. For nationalism which is think their country is best, so they don’t mind about the another country that what are they are preparing, and prepare their army not hard that much. The nationalism would be one cause of the war because, they said that the another country is not good than their own country. For next one, militarism which is think most about the army. For imperialism which is being important for their own country and have pride.Anyway, in there, the cause that I think most important thing is the alliance is that alliance is that many countries being a one group to be strong so they can be safer from another countries. For world war 1, almost of the countries get alliances. But in alliances could betray with each other, so they could be angry each other so they could be stronger alliance.

  9. Hayoung says:

    Many causes brought ghastly World War 1 (WW1) and left miserable pains in the world. The WW1 happened because of awful governments that countries had. These kind of government caused the conflicts between countries and directed to larger conflict which was “”WW1.” Nationalism was also the one of the causes. Dictator of past Germany, Hitler was the best example of the nationalism. He brainwashed people that Germany is the best country between all over the world. Imperialism, taking things from other countries, leaded to WW1. Expanding the country’s territory by taking the land from weaker country is also involved in the imperialism. Germany had largest army in the world. Russia, which had largest territory started to catch up the size of army of Germany. This is the example of the balance power that is the part of militarism. To be ready for the conflicts between the countries, many countries ally with other country. It causes the WW1 because when other countries care about, it spread fast. List of event also caused the WW1. Main cause of the WW1 is alliance because when other countries start caring about two countries which had conflict, the small conflict turned into bigger conflict such as WW1.

  10. dongkyu says:

    Dong Kyu Kim
    16 Feb 2010

    Question : What are the central causes of World War I? Explain which you think were most pivotal and why

    People make war, kill, steal and die. They have kept this cycle since they began to have their own properties. There had been two world wars, and those war obviously, extremely frightening. There were several reasons why they began the war such as an assassination of heir and his wife. However, the real reason that caused the world war I was military.
    Humans want to have the most important power, and overwhelm others. So do countries. Countries kept their military, the power growing and stored as many as possible for big business. As a result of that, world war I began. First of all, Germany had the strongest power, and Russia was strengthening its power rapidly. Thus, Germany felt some kind of fear as well as pride that they are the strongest in the world, they made a war indirectly. They use another country to fire the trigger of their guns. Not only one’s challenging behavior, but also industrial revolution caused militarism. As factories were invented and people could build products effectively and fast, they started to live well, at least better than before. Therefore they started to turn their eyes on weapons and started to build them and develop them to overwhelm others and become the best. Also as time went on, countries started to use much money on weapons than others to get ready for a big bang.
    Even if militarism was not the only reason why people started world war I. It’s the main reason why they started. They made people willing to attack others and get their own properties. In conclusion, the most pivotal cause of World War I was militarism.

  11. Ji Ho says:

    Germany have power and than they are make alliance
    And than join them italy austria – hungary join also this alliances france, russia and crazy person his from serbia kill austria government person becouse he doen’t like them. austria declared war on serbia.

  12. SooBin says:

    There are lots of reasons why World War 1 caused, however, militarism and Industrial Revolution were the central and biggest causes of all. There were no special weapons before World War 1, but because there was great inventions during the Industrial Revolution, it led many soldiers to death. Since it was the first time for the soldiers to see the new items, they didn’t know how dangerous they were and emerged their curiousity. Later, all countries started to produce mass of military weapons to balance the power. But every country wanted to be the most powerful country, so as time passed, the more and more products were produced in short period of time. If there wasn’t a period of Industrial Revolution, there must be no militarism in World War 1. As you can see, these two causes show how they influenced World War 1 and even today.

  13. Minji says:

    What caused World War One was not a single issue but a result of complicated and hidden problems. After the industrial revolution, people became to have new technologies that produced deadly weapons. Every country was willing to enlarge the size of their army in order to protect themselves. However, it lost its purpose because once they got the power, they wanted to use it. The countries were aware of the each other’s military force so they established an alliance. It was also supposed to prevent a war by balancing power, but it ended up triggering a great war. When one country broke out a war with another, the other countries in the same alliance should join the war. Then the other alliances joined in, finally spreading the war worldwide. They weren’t the only factors that caused the war that there were list of events and problems that increased tension among countries.

  14. Su Hyun says:

    Everyone knows about World War one. Many countries were involved in World War I, which had huge impact on the whole world. There were many ideas and flesh points that lead to the war. One of the reasons is that because Russia was growing really fast, Germany was kind of afraid that Russia might get more power than them, so Germany had alliance with some other countries and so did Russia. As more countries get together, there was more of wariness going on between countries. There, they also had some events which gave those countries anger about others. As those events got bigger, they started to think about fighting with others. More scary fact is that if one of the countries who had alliance with others, have a war with other county, the countries who was together will follow and have a war with them which make the war more bigger. These are not the only thing that caused World War I. Also when there are awful governments, imperialism, and because all of the countries wanted to have power to control other countries, there was even bigger fight. This war had several causes and gave huge impact on people’s daily lives.

  15. Yun-Lin Wang says:

    Every war has causes, and World War 1 has a lot of them. Some of the causes of World War 1 are still in our surroundings. One of the causes of World War 1 was militarism. Some countries thought that they didn’t have the equal amount of power, so they wanted to balance the power between other countries. As a result, they used a lot of money and started inventing metal weapons such as machine guns, and bombs to protect themselves. The other cause of World War 1 was alliances. Some countries alliance with other countries, and they did this was because they think this would avoid war. As they alliance with other countries, some problems happened between those countries. They had a war, and it made more people died compared to other wars, because they used a lot of money on metal weapons to protect themselves before, and now they use those powerful weapons to fight with other countries. Although there are other causes of World War 1, but the most pivotal causes were militarism and alliances.

  16. Yun-Han Wang says:

    World War 1 didn’t just happen accidentally; there are many problems that cause World War 1 to be a bloody and serious war. I believe that the Militarism, Alliances and the List of events are the most imperative reason that makes it happen. First, the militarism, countries use money to have power and make weapons. For example, they make machine guns and bombs to fight with other countries so they can win the war. Next, the alliance was meant to avoid war, but it didn’t really help much, countries alliances with other countries. Furthermore, the list of events, it means that at the beginning, countries with other countries have small arguments, but the arguments didn’t stop at all, they became bigger and worse. There are many other reasons, such as the Awful government, Nationalism, and the Imperialism, but I believe that the Militarism, Alliances, and the List of events are the main issues and events that cause the global war, World War 1.

  17. Su Hyun says:

    Many countries were involved in World War I, which had huge impact on the whole world. There were many ideas and flesh points that lead to the war. One of the reasons is that because Russia was growing really fast, Germany was kind of afraid that Russia might get more power than them, so Germany had alliance with some other countries and so did Russia. As more countries get together, there was more of wariness going on between countries. There, they also had some events which gave those countries anger about others. As those events got bigger, they started to think about fighting with others. More scary fact is that if one of the countries who had alliance with others, have a war with other county, the countries who was together will follow and have a war with them which make the war more bigger. These are not the only thing that caused World War I. Also when there are awful governments, imperialism, and because all of the countries wanted to have power to control other countries, there was even bigger fight. This war had several causes and gave huge impact on people’s daily lives.

  18. tpark says:

    Tae Won
    Feb, 16, 2011

    During 1914 to 1918 there was huge war in Europe it called WWI (World War I). There was several cause of WWI, and the part of causes was industrial revolution. When industrial revolution started there were huge improvements in Europe. They made machine guns, airplane, bombs and others equipments. Soldiers wanted to try to test their equipment and they effected to other countries, also they thought they could take over other land, foods and citizens. The other cause was agreements with other countries. In the past, countries started to trade or hold their hands for peace and safety however their ideas could not agree together or they hold their hands with the other country. That’s the causes of WWI and lots of soldiers died during 4 years.

  19. Misato says:

    The central causes of World War 1 is military. Industrial Revolution, the producing of new strong deadly weapons like an air plains, gas, machine gun and bomb changed the war to more dangerous way . It makes each military strong and caused many alliances. In alliances, one country afraid of other country’s military and took alliance with other strong country. These countries should be join the war together when it started. This alliance like a two pares of countries and other two pares of countries and other two pares of countries starts the war all at once by their one friend country started war with some country’s friend country.

  20. abourcieu says:

    World war one central causes

    One of the central causes of world war one was firstly, the inventions of new technologies that were constantly being improved. During the industrial revolution, people not only improved the quality of the weapons, but they also invented some new ones. Firstly, they wanted to test them and scare their opponents, and they also wanted to finish all wars, so they started fighting to kill all their enemies and destruct all the cities to become the masters of the world, and to finish all wars. The second most important central cause was that each country were making some alliances, with these alliances, they fought that the country that had made an alliance with them wasn’t going to attack them, but was going to protect them, or fight with them during conflicts. They also made some alliances to show to the opposite arm that, with these alliances, they had an incredible weapon and soldier’s number. But instate of giving up, the other countries also started making some alliances and became even stronger than the other camp. These kinds of conflicts were just going on and on until one country saw that he had the strongest army and attacked the enemy camp before they had time to make another alliance or increase their forces. Finally, the war really started June 28th 1914 when a person in the Austro-Hungarian throne was assassinated. Germany, that had made an alliance with the Austro-Hungarian’s people was very angry and decided to attack first. The war went on and on for 4 long years because of the new, technology that had been invented and that was currently improved. The weapons were very effective, they were braking cities on both camps.

  21. Kos says:

    The First World War has started long time before the actual historic date, 1914. Democracies were very rare at that time and only France and England were democratic countries. During that short period of war there was a drastic change in weaponry, economy, politics and many other factors that contributed to the first Great War.
    Everything started when Germany raised their military budget and started to expand their armies. The English and the French questioned themselves about what was the intention of the German nation. The English started to feel challenged and feared that the Germans would impose themselves over them. The Germans soon started to build a new kind of navy, a navy that put the British and French colonies at risk. Alliances were very important at that time; they could protect the country and in the same time gain more power over other nations. This is why the Germans allied themselves with the Hongro- Austrian Empire which was a very powerful nation. Serbia which was just declared as a country from Turkey soon became the strongest nation in the Balkans. But the assassination of Prince Fredrick and his wife were assassinated it lighted the bomb. The Austrians were outraged and blamed the Franco-English – Serbian for everything.
    The multiple events, starting from the 1800 till June 28, 1914 triggered the bomb that started World War One. I think the war was caused by multiple events over a period of time. This pressure and provocation finally caused the first of the two world wars.

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