Humanities Homework

Work on your POP. I want to emphasize that you really need to get in there and edit. Look at the editing checklist, and the grading rubric (which is in your POP packet and on the POP blog up at the top of the page on the tab ‘Research Paper’). I did not edit every […]

Humanities Homework Friday

1. Striped Pajamas read through page 94. Remember, you’re looking for examples of when his naivete and innocence are missing the gravity of what’s really occurring. 2. Keep working on your POP. You should for sure have four paragraphs done, and you should write your conclusion. The essay, completed for a final grade, is due […]

Humanities homework1

1. You should have finished paragraphs one through four. Make sure you are adding “thickness” and making it the best you can. Reminder: the grading rubric is in your POP folder and there’s a peer checklist on the POP page of the blog. 2. Read Chapter five in Pajamas book 3. Mr. Ibrahim is now […]

Support Homework

Continue reading and doing your stickies. Several of you need to send a copy of your memoir so I can conference with you. Happy reading and writing 🙂

Humanities Homework Wednesday

Continue to work on your POP essay. You hopefully are finishing up your three body paragraphs, with color coding and in-text citations. Where can you make your paragraphs “thicker?”Start your intro if you are ready. Read chapters 3 and 4 in the Striped Pajamas. Note where the boy’s naivete and innocence are masking the horror […]

Humanities Tuesday Homework

Read Chapters 1 and 2 in Striped Pajamas. Look for spots where the naive narrator mentions something that has a much bigger significance behind it, but that he doesn’t understand. Continue with POP. You should have sent me the three body paragraphs. We’ll discuss the intro tomorrow.

Michael’s Care Home update

Hello field trip friends, I have uploaded the Michael’s Care home powerpoint to the POP blog, which is linked on my blogroll on the right. It’s under the post ‘Disease’ listed on the left of the page. It has lots of great information, and you can cite it as a Powerpoint from Sahara Michael’s Care […]

Humanities Thursday

Whoops! Forgot to write this last night: write up body paragraph #2 effects. If you would like to write up all three and send them, that would be even better.

Humanities Homework Wednesday

Research your character for the Versailles Treaty simulation. You do NOT have to have a presentation ready, but you do need to come ready to defend your position to the group. Color code and place citations in the first body paragraph (technically paragraph #2 in the essay). Read it carefully and try to remove all […]

In-class essay question

Please post your response to the following question as a comment here: What are the central causes of World War I? Explain which you think were most pivotal and why.

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