Humanities Homework Wednesday

Chanda 86-98. Add at least four to six new understandings about your characters to your pictures.

Homework Humanities Tuesday

Read pages 64-86 in Chanda’s. Write the main developments in the plot in four sentences total.

Humanities Tuesday

Read in Chanda pages 64-86. Write four sentences summarizing the main happenings in the plot, and either email them to yourself or bring them written down.

Support Homework

Read a lot in your personal book, and in Chanda. Find four particularly nice sentences, and put them on sticky notes. They will go in your reading journal on Wednesday. Write at least once on your freewrite work.

Humanities Homework Monday

Read pages 47-63. On your blog, find one character who most reminds you of someone you know in your own life (you don’t have to name names or even discuss the relationship the person has with you). What about the character from the book and the person you know is similar? (This should be short: […]

Humanities Homework Friday

1.Read through page 47 in Chanda. Make notes on your little people. 2. Articles quiz Monday. 3. Look at the “Ways to Combine Sentences” linked on Thursday homework, and also on the grammar/spelling/language page on this blog. See how many you can understand on your own. In other words, If I say “Take two sentences […]

Support Homework Thursday

Remember your reading goal necessitates that you read, read, read. Read fiction, read news on the Internet, read opinion pieces, read read read. (You can list reading news on the Internet in your reading list here at school. Just note the website you go to and the type of reading you’ve done). Write at least […]

Homework Humanities Thursday

Read until page 21 in Chanda’s Secrets. Pay attention to details that help you to understand the personality of the character. Come ready to discuss examples. Continue to study for quizzes. Look over this attachment explaining ways to combine sentences. Come with questions tomorrow.Ways to Combine Sentences

Tuesday Humanities Homework

Watch the South Africa video one more time, looking for additional ideas for the googledoc. Add one and put your name next to it. Study for the following quizzes: January 17th Articles January 21st Phrasal verbs January 31st Homonyms

Support Homework

Research Peter Siss tonight Read and read and read and read and read…. look for at least four examples of effective descriptive language that helps you to visualize and feel like you are there.

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