Homework Humanities Monday

Bring your eggs on Thursday instead. Our egg person won’t be here tomorrow. Do more research. Tomorrow you should come ready with your problem and be ready to get going on your thesis.

Homework Humanities Friday

1. Finish Chanda and add to your people diagram. 2. Homonyms quiz on Monday over all three columns. 3. Research. You may want to make a googledoc to harvest your citations so that you can keep adding from wherever you are.

Humanities Homework

Keep reading Chanda, focusing upon character. You must be finished with the entire book by Monday. Go into Newsbank and find three articles that seem to be pertinent to your research question. Bookmark them on your Diigo account. (You should be able to pull up Diigo and show them to me tomorrow.)

Time to prepare to throw eggs on each other’s heads again…

World language day is heading our way, and that means we get to hollow out, decorate, and fill up egg shells. Please bring the five hollowed out eggs Tuesday, Feb. 1. (in case a couple break. You should have two to throw and it’s nice to have one to donate to a friend if theirs […]

Humanities Tuesday

Thursday we will be working to define the research paper. Please look on the POP tab at the top of this blog (it’s a new page I have added). There is a Powerpoint entitled “Finding the research paper”. Look over it. You will notice that slide number 6 has two columns: the one on the […]

Support Homework

Read Chanda through page 168. Find at least four more places where you think the author has done a good job helping us to understand the character. Put them on your little people paper and be ready to show them to a partner and share them with the group.

Humanities Homework Monday

1. Continue to search the India newspaper googletoolbar on the 8th grade library site and come in with your focus tomorrow for class. 2. Read Chanda. By the time you come to support class tomorrow for Ms. Brown Friday or Ms. Panth Thursday you should have read through page 168. If you are in Ms. […]

Humanities Homework Friday

Read Chanda pages 121-127 (although you may want to read farther if you have time, as we’ll be starting research next week and it will make it easier to finish by the end of the week). Look at the Avert website and consider some of the issues and areas of possible focus. We’ll meet in […]

Humanities Homework Thursday

Phrasal  verbs test tomorrow, just on the separable phrasal verbs Read Chanda, pages 98-121. Add three or four more ideas to your characters paper. Listen to the two short talks by Seth Berkeley about AIDS. You can use the back side of the form I gave you in class and put the ideas from both […]

Support homework Wednesday

READ etc etc etc In your reader’s journal, either select 4 more beautiful sentences and label the page “beautiful sentences 2” or “character development sentences”. Write for at least one 20-30 minute session or more.

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