Homework Humanities Wednesday

Yes! We will finish! Send me your final copy tonight! Make sure citations are correct as well. I suggest you look at the rubric tonight before you send it on. Also, the recipe for a totalitarian leader is due on Friday at the latest, posted on your blog. It will be graded. See you tomorrow […]

Humanities Tuesday

You’re getting so close… Write the conclusion and send it to me tonight. Remember: 1. thesis 2. emphasize main points 3. wrap it up with: either predictions, so what? why does it matter, current events and how this all ties in, suggestions for the future, etcetera Make sure your citations are in order, both in […]

Monday’s homework

You are doing very well on these essays! We’re going to finish them! Hooray!!!!! Tonight write your introductory paragraph. Make the last sentence be your thesis statement. Remember to substitute the source letters inside your essay with actual citations like we talked about in class. Then add your works cited page to the end of […]

Humanities Friday homework

You’re making good progress. 1.Make sure you have your three body paragraphs. 2.Write your bridge sentences at the end of each paragraph, linking the summary of the paragraph to the following paragraph as we discussed in class. Here’s the sample I showed you: “Kim Jong Il’s cult personality is particularly dangerous because of the way […]

Support Homework Thursday

Keep reading and free writing at home. Start thinking about what you would like to write for a story next week. I’ll give you two half periods to do it. Bring in everything you have learned about what makes excellent narrative. It can be a memoir, realistic fiction, historical fiction…whatever you like. It’s like your […]

Homework Thursday Humanities

Send me your first two or three body paragraphs. Make sure to put them both in the same document. Edit any of the mistakes I commented upon from the first paragraph before you send it. Several people have not emailed me even a first paragraph yet. That’s a problem… Tsssk tsssk tsssk

Homework Wednesday Humanities

These are going to be great! You have your thesis statement. Tonight make sure you have a topic sentence for each of the three body paragraphs. Then, for the first body paragraph organize your evidence and your explanation for each evidence. Then actually write the body paragraph. Email your first body paragraph to Ms. Brown […]

Humanities Homework Monday

Go onto Proquest and Infoweb Newsbank, searching for more information on the 6 elements that would help you determine if Kim Jong Il’s regime is totalitarian. Email the really good articles to yourself and copy the citations, so that you can research them in class. Find at least four good articles. You can start taking […]

Humanities Homework Friday

Remember: for all notes you must put the source AND the roman numeral for the category of totalitarian that it would fit. 1. Finish reading the article on Kim Jung Il from Fact File that we started in the library. 2. Read and take notes on another, new article on Kim Jung Il from Fact […]

Humanities Homework

Write 5 or 8 more research cards.

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