Humanities homework Tuesday

You will be working with Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech. Go to Diigo, the tag for persuasive, and there is a YouTube video link where you can watch it. The next link below has the text of the speech so that you can read the whole thing. Fill in the googledoc on […]

Humanities Monday

Read pages 40-48 in Animal Farm. Post at least two ideas related to control on the googledoc. Try not to put an idea that’s already there.

Support Homework Monday

Read pages 100-139 in Red Scarf Girl. Post one additional idea regarding control on the googledoc. Make at least 3 questions for your reader’s journal. Make sure to put the page number. Write for 15 minutes at least once, writer’s workshop.

Homework Humanities Friday

1. Read Animal Farm pp. 30-39. 2. Analyze the commercial you emailed yourself. Type your analysis in the word document on persuasion that you started in class. Be ready to share. 3. Convince me that you deserve to be given the candy. Use two or more persuasive techniques from the list we talked about […]

Support homework Thursday

1. Turn in your reading log and personal word list on Monday. 2. Read pages 52-99 in Red Scarf Girl. Add at least four ideas, with page numbers, to the googledoc in the Mao row. Remember, you must be specific. Do not say “Mao controlled their minds.” That is not specific. If you say “Propaganda […]

Homework Humanities Thursday

Read pages 24-29 in Animal Farm. Continue to look for similarities with Russia and Stalin’s Communism. When you come to class tomorrow you will add your ideas to the control googledoc. Also, if you would like you can get started on your next HotSpot. It is set up and in your aes googledoc account. Nov15Hotspot.

Humanities Homework Wednesday

Read up to the end of page 23 in Animal Farm. You will be given a quiz, in which you will need to compare the similarities between 1. Animal Farm and 2. Marxist ideology/Lenin and the Bolshevik Revolution/Trotsky/Stalin’s Communist Regime. You will be allowed to use the googledoc we created on control, the Simple English […]

Support Homework Tuesday

By Thursday morning, you should have read Red Scarf Girl up through page 51. Take notes in the “Control” googledoc about any methods of persuasion/control and any effects on the people/society that you see in evidence. Put your name after so I know you’ve done so. Make four sticky notes and/or write notes in your […]

Homework Tuesday Humanities

Read Chapter one in Animal Farm. Consider the answers to the following questions: 1. Why did the animals listen to Old Major? 2. What were the three most important things Old Major said in his speech? 3. What was important about the Beasts of England? 4. What do you predict will happen next? Come ready […]

Homework Monday Humanities

1. You looked at Totalitarian art today. If you click on the numbers at the bottom you can see the images larger. Choose one to look at more carefully. What are the three biggest questions you have about the image you chose? 2. You were assigned to read about either A. Communism or B. the […]

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